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The 4 Major Benefits of Using an Android Television Box

An Android TV Box can be described as a device, which enables people to watch live videos, TV shows, access Android applications, browse the internet as well as to perform other functions that a typical television or smartphone would do. It is a forward-thinking innovation. This multipurpose device can transform televisions to smart TVs. The boxes are available in all pricing formats, sizes and shapes. There are both high-end units as well as low cost budget boxes. However, it should be noted that each Android Tv Box is sold with its personal setup because various manufacturers tend to modify the original android code to suit the machines they build.

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This is how Android TV works:

  • Android Box is connected to the TV before being setup to an internet connection either through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It should be noted that streaming videos over Wi-Fi can sometimes be a challenge regardless of the hardware’s quality. It is better to run wired Ethernet cable but this may not always be feasible.
  • Apps can then be installed to the box, different apps that can perform various tasks like checking weather, creating documents etc.
  • The Android TV Box can now be used for different purposes as per design.

Android operating system was made by Google primarily for smartphones. The OS operates on ARM based processors; this is what enables it to be transferred to devices with a similar hardware. This is where the Android TV Box comes in.

It is much easier and cheaper for industries to manufacture hardware that is based on the Android OS since it is free and open source.

It might mainly be utilized on smartphones but it can successfully be installed into small boxes that operate a similar hardware. However, the difference is that both the output and input options will be much better. A good example of this is that Android TV boxes are capable of outputting HDMI to TV thus providing them with a desirable HDMI viewing ability. In addition, the devices can use a mouse, keyboard or remote control for input options.

Several benefits that are associated with using an Android Television Box

  • Variety of smart TV solutions

The Android TV box has been able to successfully introduce an array of smart TV solutions. This is a device that allows people to watch online videos, play android games, watch online TV programs, surf the internet, play music, play photos, play video, have unlimited access to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as access to emails. Furthermore, an Android TV box efficiently exposes one to extra educational and entertaining factors. Users are only required to have an internet connectivity that is functioning as well as an HDMI compatible TV. Therefore, an Android TV box allows users to access the entire network from the couch in your home.

  • New experience

This device gives users something more than what a standard television set-top box would. A new experience here refers to playing games, browsing the internet etc. It is indeed a brilliant innovation that lets you optimize your television.

  • Complete package

The Android TV Box is a complete package that provides users with a pleasant experience of utilizing a smartphone on big screens. It is a comprehensive entertainment set that can be enjoyed by the whole family. This means that purchasing this device is beneficial to everyone around you i.e. friends and family. It can promote more family time because of the leisure activities offered by the device such as browsing the internet, playing games, watching movies and communicating with the globe.

  • Substitution for set-top-boxes

The Android TV Box has an excellent substitute for standard set-top boxes currently available on the market. This is because as opposed to standard set-top boxes with an array of programs, this device can be used for a myriad of purposes. It is this multifunctional aspect of it that makes it such a good substitute and good value for money.

The Android TV Box operates on Android OS thus lacks limitation with regard to the delivery of entertainment and educational solutions to users. This is because the Operating System can be easily accessed by third party developers. Therefore, the device is a very cost-effective manner by which to enjoy limitless entertainment and information because developers use the OS without any charge.

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