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Texting in Marathi Made Easy

Some people are still upset about not being able to go out while others have accepted the situation getting complacent and have started to enjoy it. I have mixed feelings but I am more inclined to the former one. It feels like I have watched all the movies, web series I could get my hands on. I have been experimenting a lot with apps lately trying to break the monotony. Tried a lot of new games, music streaming apps, and things like that. This is how I came across this Marathi Keyboard App.

Speaking Marathi has never been the problem but when it comes to texting I used to use English or Hinglish. But language especially the ones you are raised with affects your feelings. Language and culture together have a habit of bringing people together. That’s how communities were made, right? Anyways, so when I was miles away from my family this app helped me felt closer to my family. Now there are many similar apps out there but I had the best experience with this Marathi Keyboard App so I thought I should share a review as I do on my blog.

marathi Keyboard

Bobble AI’s Marathi Keyboard is rated 4.9 on Google Play Store and is one of the best Marathi Keyboard app you can get your hands on.

One of its best features that you might not find written anywhere is its amazing algorithm that understands user intent beautifully.

There are different ways you can use it to type in Marathi

  • You can directly type in Marathi by enabling the Marathi Keyboard. You can switch between Marathi and English Keyboard with a single tap on the button situated on the left side of the space bar.
  • You can also say things in Marathi and let the app type it for you.
  • Another way is to type using English Keyboard and let the app type for you in Marathi.

Bobble’s Marathi Keyboard is highly customizable 

  • You can set the theme of your choice, this can include pictures and themes that are added in the app or setting one of your favorite pictures that you picked from the gallery.
  • In most apps, you can either have auto-correct or you can’t. But in this app, you can set the level of Auto-correction from light to aggressive based on the conversation you are going to have.
  • You can even customize the vibration length and the height of the keyboard.
  • You can choose to have an emoji row just above the keyboard for faster typing.
  • Other settings include turning on/off sticker suggestions, key borders, sound, or long-press top keys (these are second keys that are on the top of main keys).

The Emoji, Stickers, and GIFs are the charms of this keyboard.

marathi Stickers & Gif

  • To send bigger emojis/ BigMoji all you have to do is long-press the emoji of choice. Share it aloud and stand out of the crowd.
  • My favorite feature is the customize avatars you get to make using the app. Yes, that’s right. Select your favorite picture from the gallery and create your cartoon avatar using the app. You can then attach you avatar head to tons of sticker template and make custom stickers. Imagine sending festival greetings using stickers that have your face on them.
  • You can further customize the stickers by adding text in the Marathi language.
  • This Keyboard apps keep track of what’s trending and have the coolest collection of sticker packs you can find online. All those trending memes can now be added to your conversation without having to google them every time.
  • Make stories and share them with your friends.

Some other salient features

marathi theme

  • One of my favorite thing about this app is that you can use it on any social media or chatting platform. You can choose from its enormous collection of stickers and share them with your friends anywhere.
  • There are many stylish fonts you can use while texting to give character to your words.
  • Another one of the app’s unique features includes the shortcut tool. We like typing in shortcuts some of which we use way too often in our conversations. In this app, you can add your shortcuts and their full forms. So that every time you type EOD or ASAP the app will correct it to “End of Day” or “As Soon As Possible” respectively.
  • Also, it has tons of Shayaris, Quotes, and Jokes you can share in your chats with just a few taps.

This Marathi Keyboard is one of the best Keyboards I have used in a while so I needed to share it. I think it is definitely worth a try, share your experience if you end up using it.

Download Marathi Keyboard with Marathi Stickers App Click Here!

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