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Technology That Can Take Your Business Events to the Next Level

Hosting a more effective business event requires smarter use of technology, especially for those trying to run small businesses during the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. During the reopening process, it’s likely that you’re trying to improve both your online reputation and your overall experience through the careful use of curated events.

While there are still some impositions in the United States, new features of software platforms make it easier to follow social distancing guidelines and even see a revenue increase through effective events. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

The restaurant industry can rely on online platforms.

If you’re a restaurant owner, chances are you’ve been juggling delivery services and online orders throughout quarantine. As a business owner, your industry was one of the hardest hit. While it’s difficult to host effective events, even for brick-and-mortar restaurants, there are still ways to celebrate your restaurant workers without compromising your business processes. For instance, you can make it easier to cater corporate events throughout the United States by leveraging the power of platforms like Cuboh (found at

Cuboh makes the online order process that much easier, especially if you’re still operating a virtual kitchen. Instead of taking diner orders through disparate online ordering platforms, Cuboh allows you to combine your third party takeout menus into a single spot. This means no more juggling Grubhub, Doordash, and Uber Eats. Plus, by catering events, you’re able to get your brand’s name out to diners then in a safer, more sensible way. Independent restaurant owners, takeout service operators, and brick-and-mortar venues can use this powerful tool in the current fight to drive a profit and maintain event connectivity with potential customers.

P2P messaging helps you reach potential customers.

If you’re coordinating an event, you’ve probably relied strictly on social media to get the word out. While social media is one of the more reliable ways to stay in close contact, it doesn’t always allow for quick actions. Restaurateurs, independent restaurants, and offices alike can rely on a P2P network to connect to their customers and clients more quickly and effectively. P2P software makes it easier to establish event credibility, coordinate wait staff, and connect with disparate computer systems. By doing this, you’re able to better manage what may be currently razor-thin margins.

Setting up a P2P network doesn’t have to be complicated, either. As long as you have a contact phone number, you can establish a P2P network. Of course, additional information can be beneficial as well. Just make sure you follow the crucial steps for setup so you can adjust your P2P network to fit your existing business model. With the right tweaking, a P2P network can improve the customer experience in a great way and help you coordinate events in real-time.

Think of creative ways to host events.

Since social distancing is still incredibly important due to the swift spread of COVID-19, you need to take appropriate COVID measures to maintain safety. While few cities are still under a stay-at-home order, insights show that gatherings may not be helpful for disease control. As such, you may be experiencing a profit loss while you try to establish normalcy. Different software platforms can help you host remote events. In some cases, a digital chat platform may be the only way to effectively connect with your customers. Virtual operations are exactly ideal but during the uncertain time of this coronavirus, it’s better to be safe and following CDC guidelines than sorry.

Whether you’re running an eatery or a virtual kitchen space or you’re one of many “nonessential businesses” looking to host an event, there are ways to do so safely and sensibly with the help of solid technology.

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