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Technology-Inspired Online Slots

Over the last six to twelve months, the online gaming industry has experienced an unprecedented expansion. Even though the trend of switching from land-based brick and mortar casinos to online gaming platforms was already quite noticeable, the outbreak of the coronavirus made this transition way faster than expected. Suddenly, millions of new players appeared in the virtual realm of online slots and other exciting games.

Technology-Inspired Online Slots

As a result, hundreds of new operators have entered this market, characterized by fierce competition and ceaseless innovations. Some of them offer a wide variety of top-level games and satisfy the industry’s highest quality and security standards. They attentively observe the behavior of their potential customers and provide them with the content they seek.

According to recent statistics, free online slots are currently the most wanted games among newcomers. What’s even more interesting, rookies prefer titles inspired by science fiction novels, famous movie characters, and technology. Since many experienced players may have never heard of these exciting games, we are going to list a few that are, without any doubt, worth trying. So take a look!

The Matrix

Created by Playtech, one of the most renowned software developing companies, The Matrix is a top-tier online slot with five reels and 50 paylines. The game is based on the globally popular sci-fi movie from 1999 and brings a cool futuristic vibe combined with great graphics and engaging animation. If you’re a fan of Nemo, Morpheus, and Trinity, this game will keep you playing for days.

Most players rely on ICE36 UK and other famous gaming sites to find excellent technology-inspired sci-fi online slots. However, since The Matrix is in such high demand, it is available on almost every major online gaming platform, and most of them will even let you play it for free.

Iron Man

Ever since its release in September 2009, Iron Man has amazed both beginners and experienced players worldwide. First of all, this is a top-notch 25-payline online slot that offers a whole host of special bonuses. Its design is flawless, featuring a smart combination of high-quality graphics and engaging sound effects that guarantees a unique gaming experience.

On top of that, Iron Man allows you to relive the exciting atmosphere of your favorite movie. As he flies around in his shiny suit, he’ll do his best to help you score big wins. The game is available on mobile devices and keeps the same level of quality regardless of the gadget you use.


One of Playtech’s early masterpieces, RoboCop, is one of the most successful tech-inspired online slots ever. As you can probably guess, the game is based on the ultra-popular 1987 movie about a police officer named Alex Murphy, who was first killed by criminals and then turned into a cyborg.

This five-reel, 25-payline online slot is available on all devices and offers a wide range of bonuses such as Shootout, Line-Up, Robot Attack, and OCP Mega Spins. RoboCop is the right game for you if you’re into hi-tech action combined with top of the shelf graphics and sound effects.

Other Options

When it comes to interesting tech-inspired online slots available on the internet, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many new online slots on Prime Slots UK, Slotsboss, Megacasino, and other famous gaming platforms waiting to be discovered. Most of them are produced by well-established software companies and based on the most popular movies, novels, and cartoon characters. Make sure you give them a try!

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