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Crazecosplay Review: Best Option for Captain American Cosplay Costume

Halloween is one of my favorite festivals, I can be whoever I want to be .Therefore, when I buy cosplay costume,I always do search online carefully and compare them.Finally,I chose crazecasplay,a website from China. It accept payment by Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union or bank telegraphic transfer. So you don’t need to worry about it.


As a fan of Captain America, I play Captain America on Halloween every year. Now, Halloween is coming, I searched the cosplay costumes online and found are huge ranges of cosplay stuff,like wigs、shoes、props and so on. What a surprise! So I brought Captain America cosplay costume and a shield. And the price is reasonable.

Orders take 2-3 weeks for delivery from tailoring to my place. The actual delivery time also depends on the shipping method you choose. I chose the economic one ,because I got time to wait. If you chose express delivery, it only needs 2-4 days.

Two weeks after, I got them. They look exactly the same in Marvel film. When I put it on, it’s good fit. And it looks good on me and the shield is awesome. When I show them to my mother, she said son, you looked like the real Captain America when you wear it and hold the shield !I was excited because my mother never something like that before. So I definitely will shop again!

I would like to share the details about crazecosplay to you guys. Whether you’re a fan of anime, Disney or Marvel DC, you’ll find clothes, accessories, wigs, etc. for your favorite characters. If the size does not fit can also be customized, this is one of the reasons I like this site. And the packaging I received was very good. At the same time, the customer service attitude is also very good, the other day I helped my little brother buy Iron Man’s cosplay costume, I was a little bit unhappy because my brother’s size was sold out, but they immediately contacted the manufacturer to make a new size for my brother.

I introduced to my friends. They told me that is exactly what they want!

I can’t wait the Halloween!

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