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Technological Advances Online Gamers Will Love

Every fan of online gaming knows how important technology is for this pastime. What is more, every technological improvement is like an early birthday present for avid online gamers — they look forward to it as it means they will have even more fun playing their favorite games online.

Technological Advances Online Gamers

In this text, we’ll go through some of the major technological advances that have shaped the online gaming industry and made thousands of online gamers happy. Stay tuned!

HD Graphics and Displays

If you’re old enough to remember the first computer games, then there’s no need to tell you that graphics in gaming improved beyond expectations. Over the years, online games were getting better graphics, and today, you can hardly find an online game that’s not been created in HD resolution.

It really doesn’t matter what your game preference is — whether you play DOTA or Board Kings, good graphics will always play an important role.

Consequently, such high-quality graphics demanded good enough devices to support the new games. That’s how we ended up having 4K TVs and computers in order to fully enjoy everything the advanced world of online gaming has to offer.

Mobile Gaming

Since the era of smartphones is our reality, it was only a matter of time when we’ll get mobile versions of the most popular online games. Today, we’ve got smartphones that can almost entirely replace PCs and laptops. Apart from all the vital functions they are equipped with, mobile devices are fully optimized for online gaming as well.

This allows us to play our favorite games even when we’re away from home. You can get the winning hand in Poker Heat while commuting to work, or keep yourself occupied with any game you like while waiting for a friend who’s late for your lunch date.

The only thing you should bear in mind is that your phone battery might not last as long as before, so it would be wise to have a power bank ready at all times.

Voice and Facial Recognition

Although it might sound unbelievable at the moment, new gaming devices have the ability to recognize your voice and perform the commands you ask them to. There’s no need to get up in order to turn off that console anymore — simply give out an order, and the device will turn off.

However, this is only a minor advancement, as gaming developers are giving their best to enable players to control the gameplay by using their voice. Furthermore, the latest news is that we’ll soon be able to use a facial recognition feature.

The idea of facial recognition in online gaming is to use specific cameras that will scan a player’s face and adapt the gameplay according to their facial expressions. Cool, right?

Cloud Gaming

We’ve all heard that more advanced games require more powerful computers in every way possible. One of the vital characteristics your device should have for successfully loading an advanced game is enough space on your hard disc.

Such principle often caused problems for gamers worldwide, which is why game developers today have a goal to include cloud into your online gaming journey. Namely, you will be able to install and play any game you like in the future, as you will be able to open it via cloud without being limited by the size of your disc memory.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Up until now, you’ve probably heard of virtual reality games and maybe even had a chance to try a few of them at promotional events. We’ve left this point for the end as these games represent the furthest point technology has reached so far and are still considered the future of online gaming.

In simple terms, virtual reality games use specifically designed headsets with a goal to let you in a completely different environment. A similar thing you can get with augmented reality games, as they will make you feel like you’re taking part in a real-life situation. You can play tennis against Raphael Nadal in your backyard or go looking for a hidden treasure under your kitchen sink, all thanks to the latest technological advancements.

And if you ever think that online gaming can’t go better than this, just remember that until recently, 1080p was the highlight of your online gaming experience. Today, after reading this text, you can rest assured that even better things are coming our way.

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