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Technical Aspects of Buying a Watch

Picking a men’s watch can be challenging, particularly when a person is a first-time purchaser and clueless as to where to begin from. First things first, one needs to determine the must-haves in a watch. What else is important is to identify the features that differentiate one type from another. This will enable a person to look for preferred features in a timepiece.

Aspects of Buying a Watch

Mechanical or Quartz?

There are a few fine variations between mechanical and quartz watches. Watch addicts and experts highly consider mechanical watches are they are complex in design and consist of details. The essential angles to think about are the watch power and the watch movement.

Mechanical watches do not run on a battery, instead, they use the energy to form a spring that powers the watch. Quartz watches are mechanized by an electronic oscillator which is adjusted by a quartz crystal. These kinds of watches do need a battery. The basic difference between a quartz and a mechanical watch is that the latter requires winding, and quartz watches will need battery adjustments. With respect to price, mechanical watches are likely to be on a higher scale.

Dress or Every day?

This basically takes into account how regularly you might want to wear your watch. If you want to invest in a daily wear watch, then you may have to spend somewhat more. Your working environment is another point of consideration before settling on any pick. On the contrary, you might put your resources in a watch for special events. How you’re going to use your watch will decide the kind of purchase you should be making. Possessing a luxury watch is not just a financial investment but also an involvement at a personal level since you have to make sure you’ll take care of your watch in the right way.

Silver watches are modest and ideal for ordinary wear. The IWC Portofino Automatic is perfect for those who want a non-flashy, regular wear without any decorations, yet is sophisticated in style.

Vintage or new?

The upside of purchasing a vintage watch is that you’ll be saving your money to a considerable amount. Value of most watches decreases with time, except that it is a markedly rare, luxury kind. This only means that if you’re looking for a luxury watch yet you cannot stretch your budget than a certain limit, then going for a vintage model might be a practical arrangement. It is, however, important to determine if you’re getting a vintage piece for the right price.

Simple design or more intricate?

If it is going to be your first luxury pick, you should think about going for something basic, viable, and typical. If you already own one, you may add a rare timepiece to your collection. People usually have a specific look in their mind, such as a certain type of metal or strap. However, another essential design highlight to consider is the dial’ size and your preference for a larger piece or something understated.

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