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Team-building Ideas: 5 Team-building Ideas you should know

The popularity of team-building games like The Escape Game has rapidly increased over the years, with video game companies building games that revolve around the ideology of a typical game of its kind. The fact that it is Zoom-based made it even accessible and allows more people to enjoy the platform. One of the sole purposes of this game is to encourage teamwork, build collaborating spirit amongst coworkers, and of course collective building of the team.

Team-building Ideas

Sometimes playing together as friends and colleagues are not enough; we need a special activity that can trigger interactions and grow a common course. Team building ideas are not meant for friends alone; it is also important in the cooperate world. Team building ideas very important in an office; it is a way employees secretly pick out their best people to perform important tasks. In other organizations, it is another way of boosting corporate relationships amongst the staff.

And, as for the question who needs to play this game? We will say everybody needs The Escape Game: children, adults, working-class, patents, etc. But most especially, people who work together as a team can cement their bonds, assess both the mental and physical capacity of their fellow teammates. As for the parents, it is also a way to assess your child’s development (that is if you choose to play this game with them).

The escape game won’t only stimulate your brain, it is also another way to have fun and adventure at the same time without feeling bored or close to it. It is designed with lots of fun game mechanics, colorful themes that lighten your experience throughout the gameplay. But mind you, you need an internet-enabled computer system, and a webcam to participate in this fun-filled adventure.

The Escape Game as a Team-building Idea

As a team, the Virtual Escape Rooms is the best to solidify your friendship. This is attributed to the challenging features included in it by the company. The selling point remains its advantageous nature, a situation that has automatically engage in some level of critical thinking. All participating teams are given the same number of tasks and puzzles, a privilege that helps you overcome obstacles, just as in a real-life scenario. In this game, participants will be guided towards achieving the same goal together, then escaping afterward.

The Escape Game has proved its worth during the COVID-19 pandemic and still plays that role to date. This game can accommodate up to 8 players, using a live camera feed that also serves as a guide. Because it is played through the Zoom platform, there are teams meant to direct your path throughout your adventure while you focus on picking clues to complete missions and solve puzzles, and all this is expected to take you 60 minutes. For even more awesome team-building ideas check out The Escape Game’s blog here.

Some Known Benefits of the Escape Game

  • Improve Memory

The Escape Game has worked in line with what social scientists have said about games like this, especially as it has to do with children’s development. It has the propensity to build your memory on some areas of your brain you ate not always very well at. But most importantly, it plays a major role in children’s mental growth.

  • Improves Communication

Good communication improves social abilities. As humans, we must maintain some level of social interaction, and The Escape Game is there to serve that purpose.

  • Sheer Happiness

This is simple, you want to be happy, especially while on lockdown? Get engaged with The Escape Game and be grateful you did.

  • Measurement for Corporate Leadership and Excellence

In some business organizations, employers take time to engage in one or two team-building activities to lite the workplace. In a more social setting, team-building activities are often played in birthday parties, teenage gatherings, or normal casual friends’ hangouts. The thing is, Escape Game have three features, the ability to leave the venue closer and more intimate, the ability to make the participants think critically, and the ability to bring out the best in you.

Finally, one good thing about the team building ideas is their power to unite new people and straighten bounds amongst old ones. Business organizations should endeavor to engage in activities like this to straighten bounds amongst workers and discover new talents. Again, it helps build an individual’s self-esteem, hence, boost their morale. But you have to note that the fact we mentioned those team-building ideas does not mean that this is all that is; it’s just that they (the ones mentioned above) are the most popular.

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