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Swing by Swing Golf GPS App Review

There are multiple Golf GPS apps but Swing by Swing`s golf GPS App is unmatched. It is a GPS distance app supporting the mobile version. Incredibly, it’s a free app. unfortunately, most people tend to underrate free things but the app in question is the best there is. It actually does its job pretty well. For instance, its database has over 21,000 courses.

Features of the Golf GPS App

The app is found to portray in-flight imagery but this depends on where one is standing. It clearly displays the distance to the central part of the green. In case you turn the phone to landscape, the distance is displayed in bigger text. This makes it even easier to find the yardage. To understand more about what is going on in the green before your approach shot, just zoom in & out of the aerial.

One of the most striking features of this Golf GPS app is the fact that you can tap the screen to see how far it is from the point to the target.

Additionally, you can tell the distance from the center of the green. This feature is important in that it helps decide on the spot you want to hit the tee shots or rather the point to layup to.

Also, there is a green feature that displays distances to the back, middle, and front of the green. This app boasts of easy navigation. As a result, users can easily find courses by location or name.

The app has several courses in its database hence there many chances of finding your course. Nevertheless, if you don’t find it in the app’s database, don`t worry. The app allows users to map or add a course by themselves. Therefore, you can always add your course.

However, the app has several adverts and this is expected for free apps. In as much you may not like it; it’s not too much to ask given that the app offers you the best.

Nevertheless, you are going to love the structure and the graphics of the app. Basically, this Golf GPS app does a perfect job when it comes to assisting users with their courses.

This fact is what you need if you want a GPS device but dislikes the high prices charged. Given that it’s free, it means no harm trying it out.

Why Use this Free Golf GPS APP?

Allows You to Plan Your Game

The best thing about having a Golf GPS App is that it enables you to locate the hole you are going to play from a different angle. This is an advantage as it helps you make your plans accurately prior to the 1st short. Also, you get to decide how to continue with the game should anything unexpected happens.

You Won`t be Guessing Distances

People fail while making shots for guessing distances. But with a golf GPS app, you don`t have work by approximating distances. What you should do is check from the map then measure the distance so that you get an exact figure. A golf GPS app will get that right.

Enables You to Play Faster

From the tee, look at the hole, then you can accurately tell where your Tee Shot will land. Still, you will be able to calculate the distance you will be leaving for the Lay-Up or the Hole. That way, you will be able to play the second shot efficiently through the help of the golf tracker app.


Finally, with a golf GPS app, you will always be able to plan ahead. This is especially if you intend to play a new golf course from the Golf GPS app. You can always check the course beforehand to prepare better.

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