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Streaming Perks And Live Betting Options: A Review Of Betway’s Mobile App

Founded in 2006, Betway has established itself as one of the most prominent bookmakers on the market and it’s boosted its profile by involving itself in the sports it covers. Sponsorship deals with the likes of AS Roma and West Ham have been controversial but effective. This wide-reaching approach means that Betway has become a household name. But how good is its mobile app?

Streaming Perks And Live Betting Options: A Review Of Betway's Mobile App

We delve into the pros and cons of one of the most popular betting apps on the English-language market. Buoyed by high ratings in the app stores of both Android and iPhone, Betway has, for the most part, gained the trust and endorsement of users. Naturally, one of the first things that a user will notice about the app is the attractive layout. Everything is so neat and tidy. Your account information, betting slip and search bar are at the top of the screen. Below this, you will see the header bar listing the most popular sports for betting on Betway. Further down, there will be promotions, featured events and quick links to areas of interest. So far, so slick. What pulls punters in, regarding a betting app, is often the welcome offer and Betway have several promotions to hook new customers in. While these are subject to change, the current one tempts customers into earning up to £30 in free bets.

Typically, when a punter is preparing to place a bet, they do a bit of research into the event that they are betting on. This is always recommended. If the event in question was a football match, the research might involve looking at the previous line-up that a club fielded or their head-to-head record with opponents or their current form. Betway provides a lot of information on the app itself to spare punters from doing the leg work of researching. More importantly, it provides favourable odds for the selections that you may be considering. They provide access to over 15,000 live sports markets and proudly boast of their live betting features. While the odds are attractive, there have been complaints from users about the app lagging in the past, especially during live play. The last thing a punter wants when they’re sticking on a live bet is for the app to freeze and the moment that they wanted to seize pass. A recent app update in January 2020 promised to fix any issues relating to lagging or freezing that fans were complaining about.

Another draw of betting apps is the streaming service that they offer. Betway is no different, with customers in the UK, Ireland, and Sweden, in particular, enjoying a broad range of live sport to bet on. Once you have money in your account, you will be able to view the live streaming schedule and tune in to the best live sport on the site. Occasionally, a viewing will only be allowed when you have money on that specific event but this is a rarity. With emerging markets like Esports and traditional betting features like casino also on the app, we think that Betway is a fine option for punters with plenty to offer the average user. For further information about what Betway has to offer, visit Wincomparator and read its feature-length report on the site.

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