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Steps to Create the Perfect Event Planning Checklist

Planning a party for your child, family or friends can be a lot of fun. Every year you get to come up with unique themes and concepts that get people together in an exciting environment. Here are some steps you need to follow to create the perfect checklist that will help you plan any event from the start till completion:

Perfect Event Planning

Step 1 – Take care of Back-end Planning.

The first step is to note down all activities in detail in an Excel or Word format. This includes the following tasks:

  • Selecting the date of the event, with due consideration given to traveling distances, special occasions like weekends, etc., and availability of venue (a crucial aspect).
  • Choosing accommodation if it’s required.
  • Choosing transportation services if it’s required.
  • Organize the food and beverage to be served at the event (this can include deciding on whether there will be a buffet or not). If you are serving, decide on quantities of each dish (for example, 60 people for dinner, 70 people for lunch, etc.).
  • Choosing entertainment options like music bands, acrobats, etc., to liven up the mood.

Step 2 – Create the guest list with Manageable Numbers in Mind.

Managing attendees is easier when you control guest count while choosing a date and venue for an event. For example, if your party is scheduled on a Friday evening and you have 200-300 people coming, choose the venue on the same date for all of them.

Planning such parties requires tight budgeting, and guests need to travel, so look at affordability as well.

Step 3 – Decide on the Budget of the Party.

Budget is an important aspect that decides how extravagant your event will be. But it is essential to plan according to your pocket only, as there are no second chances for a first impression! So, if you aren’t able to spend too much, then adjust your expectations accordingly. Let us take a closer look at different budgets:

  • Low Budget: If you have a low budget, you can afford basic amenities like clean tables and chairs, music/DJ based on the party’s theme, and some snacks.
  • Mid-Range Budget: If you have more money to spare, you can use different lighting arrangements like LED lights, laser beams, etc., and upgrade your snacks menu with exotic dishes. You could even hire event management companies that provide luxury amenities like linen table covers, china crockery, live animals like petting zoos (of course not wild animals), etc.
  • High Budget: If you want to impress your guests with high-end luxuries, get exclusive furniture items like leather sofas, designer curtains, pure crystal statues, etc. Get creative by hiring artists who will paint live or get live models to pose. You can employ circus performers or even high roller games like gambling etc.

Step 4 – Book the Venue.

The next thing is to book the venue for your party. If you are arranging a private party, then it’s best to meet the place’s owners where you want to have it to give you suggestions of possible dates, menus, etc. Also, book according to your guest count and budget and any special requests like hiring DJ equipment, lighting, or other amenities.

Step 5 – Plan The Menu and Entertainment.

This is one of the most important steps in the event planning checklist, as this will determine how much money guests will be spending during their visit to your party. Guests usually spend between $50 to $100 on food and drinks at a typical outdoor party.

If you want to surprise them and give them something different and unforgettable, try serving exotic dishes ordered from a manufacturer or caterer. Also, hire the services of an event management company that will plan your buffet according to your budget and needs and provide other luxuries like linen table covers, etc.

Carrying out extensive research on different venues for the event is also crucial; else, you might end up picking a venue with limited space for guests to move about, not allowing ample space for entertainment options.

Step 6 – Finalize Transportation Details.

In case if you are planning a wedding, consider hiring transportation facilities that could transport your guests to and from the venue. If you are arranging an outdoor party, you should also look at how smooth it is to access the place.

You can even transport your guests in luxury coaches if available or mini-buses that will seat more people at a relatively lower cost. Car parking arrangements are also necessary, so have enough space for every guest to park their car without creating any chaos.

Step 7 – Organize Logistics for Party Setup.

If you are planning an indoor party, then choosing one day before or a few hours before the event date might not be possible because many logistical issues need to be sorted out well in advance for any party.

For example, before sending the invitations, invitations should be sent eight weeks before the event date, along with information about the menu, entertainment options, etc. This will allow enough time for your guests to make arrangements to attend your event.

Step 8 – Finalize Entertainment Options.

This is another crucial step in planning an event checklist as entertainment makes or breaks any party. You can choose from several options like live music bands, DJ events, live performances by artists, etc.

For outdoor parties, you could even install inflatable castles that kids love or have an inflatable obstacle course set up in the garden where they can enjoy competing with each other and burning off all their high energy levels!

You can also hire exotic dancers if it’s a corporate party. Don’t forget to hire professional photographers who can capture all the fun and frolic at your party. Apart from this, if you are planning a night event, then hire special effects services that can entertain guests after dark.

Step 9 – Finalize Logistics of Entertainment Options.

This is also a vital step in the event planning checklist as things like stage setup, sound equipment, lighting, etc., should be arranged before the guests arrive at the venue. So it’s vital to have ample time for setting up everything without being rushed during the actual party date.

You can even send a professional crew to help you rig and takedown stages as per your requirements! If you want a luxurious look, consider hiring life-sized statues or other props to decorate the place.

Step 10 – Think of Games for Children.

If there are children at your party, don’t forget to include games that they can enjoy playing with their friends. You can even ask kids to design some fun-filled games suitable for everyone present at the party! This is another excellent way of involving all your guests in making it a memorable event.

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