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Statement Of Purpose Writing: Step-By-Step Guide On How To Write

A statement of purpose is an important essay you will be required to write at various points in your life as a student. Understanding the fundamentals of the writing process is always beneficial. Many students hire a statement of purpose writing service because of the importance of this essay. You can write it yourself, but you will need to have a plan. Do not start your essay immediately, without doing the proper research.

Statement Of Purpose Writing

Start with knowing the institute you are applying at. You want to get as much information about the school, as well as the course. In order for you to write an effective SOP, you need to know who you are writing for. Some students send generic essays to all of the programs they are interested in. This is one of the biggest mistakes. You want every application to be customized to the specific school. Over the years, we have discovered some steps you can take to help you write a winning SOP.

Start with who you are

In order for you to make a connection with the reader, you need to state who you are. What makes you the person who is perfect for this course? It’s all about engaging the reader at this point. This is not a formal introduction, but rather connecting with the decision maker. When you write a statement of interest for internship you often find the decision is based on someone’s personality and skills. If you do not allow your personality to shine through your writing, it can make the process more challenging.

What brings you to this point?

Behind every goal there needs to be a story or a build-up of some sorts. This section does not have to be too serious. You simply want to mention why this course is the going to influence your career outcome. Was there a turning point in your life or a moment when you knew for sure that this is what you want to do? Mention as much as you can about the journey to understanding the value this course can bring to your life. Your statement of purpose should leave all questions answered.

The good match

Now that you have explained who you are and how you go there, explain why this is a good match. This should be a fun exercise. Just combine the two factors at this point. You can go into a bit more detail in this section. One way of doing this is to speak about your career goals. You can explain why this is an important goal for you. Then align the course and your career goals. This shows you have given everything some thought and this is the right decision. When you limit your statement of purpose to only your own journey, you might miss the brief.


It is important to get the format of your statement of purpose right. This is often times an important requirement to certain programs. Many schools have different formats, so be sure to check out each one. If you do not check each one individually, it comes across as sending out generic essays. There are tons of samples online and it can come in handy. You want to use this solely for inspiration and stay away from any plagiarism of the actual content.

Edit and proofreading

Do not forget to leave enough time to proofread and then edit your SOP effectively. You can find a lot of tools online to help with your grammar. Ask a family member or friend to help if you are emotionally too attached to the content of the essay. It happens to the best of us. Your first draft will be filled with a lot of emotional content. You need to keep the authenticity of it the same, without coming across too cliché.

Importance of an effective SOP

A statement of purpose can open the door to your success. Even if your academic scores are incredible, you still need to use your SOP to shine. Your personality is important when it comes to deciding who the best candidates will be. It can feel a little strange to write about yourself, but you need to get comfortable with it. The reader will sense your confidence. Do not make excuses for your shortcomings. Instead, you want to show how you rise above it. Find a reason to celebrate all of who you are and then show how it can be beneficial to you and the school if you did this course.

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