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Sparkster – Next Promising Blockchain Project Claiming 10M TPS

Sparkster – Next Promising Blockchain Project Claiming 10M TPS

Review of Sparkster Platform and Token

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Sparkster platform aims at revolutionizing software development such that people with ideas can easily bring them to life. Sparkster seeks to enable anybody whether a developer or non-developer to build software and make use of decentralized platforms as a cloud. It increases the ease of building software and developing all the functionalities required without prior programming knowledge. The platform features drag and drop solution for building software and applications, with no need for writing code.

The Sparkster platform is working on a decentralized cloud that can handle as much as tens of millions of blockchain transactions per second and will be the fastest decentralized cloud in existence when the prototype is released. The Company is ambitious as it intends to take on Billion-dollar Companies already bossing the cloud computing and services industry, by building a decentralized cloud which will be cheaper and faster than the traditional cloud computing. The platform will be able to integrate modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and smart contracts. This will make it easier for Companies to build their Enterprise software solutions, solve problems and innovate quickly.

This idea is the first of its kind as it intends to leverage on the decentralization advantages of blockchain technology in software development and cloud computing. The effect this will have is the exponential increase in the use of blockchain technology in real life cases and running of businesses.

The platform is an avenue for users to build software, run on a cloud and find customers for the software on a marketplace. It promises to create a departure from the existing slow method of software development to a faster, cheaper and easier way. It is a one size fit all solution which is absolutely ingenious.

The Sparkster team is led by CEO Sajjad Daya who has had a long career in IT and cloud computing and worked for reputable IT manufacturing Company; Cisco. Sparkster is also advised by an expert in computer programming language; Professor Gary Leavens and an expert in enterprise software; Juan Abelo who is currently a Vice President of SAP.

The Sparkster team is made up of members from diverse backgrounds that have a combined track record of working in Companies including Infosys, IBM, HSBC, AT &T, Citi Bank, Snapdeal, Ola, and consultancy firm such as Accenture.

The technical specifications for the token is Ethereum ERC20 which makes it easy to subscribe for the token by using Ethereum, storing in existing Ether wallets, writing and executing smart contracts.

Users will be given the Sparkster token in exchange for providing their cellphones and IoT devices as an environment for software created on the decentralized platform. Software and applications that are published on the marketplace will be paid for with the Sparkster tokens, and the authors can choose to monetize their software or make it available for free. More importantly, users can build software that can work together with existing cryptocurrency platforms such as Ethereum and IOTA, and the Company has promised to introduce other blockchain networks subsequently.

There will be a whitelist and interested participants have to undertake a KYC procedure. The tokens will be subscribed to by using Ethereum.

The hard cap for the cryptocurrency token is 30 million US Dollars. People from all countries except the United States of America are eligible to participate in the pre-sale and crowd sale. The pre-sale has been closed and timeframe for the crowd sale is been expected.

Decentralized cloud is the future of cloud computing and software development and Sparkster is a trailblazer in this industry. This innovation by Sparkster offers endless opportunities and proposes a different and better route compared to the traditional software development.

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