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South Korea’s Complex Relationship with Gambling

Korea is a famous country that has one of the most advanced tech foundations in East Asia. The government has experienced a complex relationship with gambling. It is challenging to understand how a country capable of hosting the Olympics cannot withstand the sense of gambling—ever heard about Pyeongchang? It is a mysterious place that tourists hardly ignore. As people drive towards Alpensia resort, they find casino posters everywhere.

Complex Relationship with Gambling

However, casinos in Korea only allow tourists to gamble in their facilities. Gambling in Korea is termed illegal, and citizens caught in the act are arrested and charged. Please read the compiled details by our expert, An Jung Su (view author), on South Korea’s complex relationship with gambling.

South Korea gambling background

There are 24 land-based casinos in South Korea, and some include, Kangwon, Seven Lucky, Gongzi Jeju, and Paradise casino. However, casinos are only meant for visitors as Koreans are denied access. Harsh punishments such as three years imprisonment await Koreans who violate the gambling law. The law is powerful on Koreans only caught in the act in traditional casinos. Citizens outside the country should avoid gambling at all costs as the law punishes them once they return.

Only Kangwon land-based casinos allow Koreans to gamble within their facility. Kangwon is found in a remote area far north of significant cities, making it challenging to access. Despite the strict rules the government has imposed, the number of gambling addicts is worrying. Horse racing, boat racing, and cycling are examples of legal forms of gambling in South Korea.

Online gambling

The South Korean government deems online gambling as illegal and has taken stringent measures to curb the spread. The government blocklists online casinos in South Korea and does not allow them to operate. North Korea had begun to operate online gambling sites targeting China, South Koreans, and Malaysian gamblers, according to the South Korea National Intelligence Service,

The aim was to create revenue to power the North Korean regime. Offshore online casinos allow South Koreans to gamble since they are not under South Korean law. Korean citizens engage in slots, poker, baccarat, and many more casino games. 평판이 좋은 해외 카지노가 많이 있으며 kr-casinos.com에서 리뷰를 확인하여 최고의 카지노를 찾을 수 있습니다. However, players find it challenging to register with offshore websites as the government blocks them or slows the internet connection. However, most players use VPNs to change their location and gamble conveniently. Many illegal South Korean gambling providers offer services through the internet. When caught, they are charged by the state just like their customers.

Should Korea legalize gambling?

Gambling has generated massive revenues for many countries across the globe. The US gambling industry recorded $43.6 billion in 2019. On the other hand, UK  gross gambling revenue surpassed £15 billion. The industry has created over 1000 jobs in the UK, and taxes are used to fund the economy. Gambling companies in the UK are bound by the law to contribute a certain amount of their income to good charities.

Korea believes that its citizens will be prone to addiction, therefore, placing strict rules on gambling. However, experts in the UK have suggested that exposure to gambling via advertising has generated a more mature gambling audience. In the UK, gambling is legal, and players are more aware of the dangers of gambling.

Gambling is pretty restricted in countries, including the US, but things seem to shift in another direction. Many casino operators are hoping the market will open since the PASPA ruling was repealed in 2018. Popular states such as New Jersey and Delaware have started to embrace gambling. Poland is also on its route to amending the strict rules facing gambling.

Should South Korea relax gambling rules?

It is difficult to understand that citizens are only allowed to gamble at Kangwon. On the other hand, South Koreans can wager on boat racing, horse racing, and lotteries.  The two scenarios draw some questions that need to be addressed. Tourists are free to gamble on the 23 land-based casinos while citizens are arrested and charged due to gambling. The country can leap massive revenues once they amend gambling laws.

Just like Japan which has cultural activities that target kids and adults alike, South Korea is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions. However, gambling in the country is complicated as citizens are charged by the law when caught in the act of gambling. The world is yet to see whether the country will amend its rules and enjoy significant revenues.

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