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Your Favorite Pastime, SOLITAIRE, is now FUN with Google

Solitaire by Google

Gone are the days when people needed a separate app for playing such addictive games. Google, is now integrating a few easy games into both its standalone Google Search app and search engine. It is bringing the most well-known, timeless games ever, solitaire – to the desktop internet and its search app.

Solitaire by Google

To access the solitaire game, users simply have to search.

If users type “solitaire” into the search bar, for instance, the game will appear in the results as a card. On tapping it, the game will launch in full screen mode and allow users to choose their difficulty setting before starting. Tiny Google logos can be seen on the cards, and users can adjust a few more simple options like sound off, undo last move, and restart game when they run out of moves.

Why Google Solitaire?

Why Google Solitaire?

Since Google is so convenient, people across the globe use it, which makes it exceed four billion consumer base. Due to its huge user base, it is compelled to offer better services, Google Solitaire included. That very well explains the question’s answer. Playing solitaire games on Google is valuable due to its convenience.

Here are some more reasons why players choose the game in addition to convenience:

  • The game can be accessed easily.
  • Users can use this game for free.
  • It is safe to play this game. As Google develops and distributes it, users don’t need to be concerned about any potential viruses or malfunctions.
  • Users can play relaxed, without having to download any files.
  • Let us go through an in-stages tutorial on how to play Solitaire, after quickly explaining the essence of the game and the reasons users to choose it over other solitaire games.

Steps to play Online Google Solitaire

Go through the following details to find out how to play the game, Google Solitaire.

To play, follow these guidelines:

  • Open the web browser.
  • Search for Google Solitaire or just “solitaire” online.
  • Users will be taken to the game’s home screen.
  • Press the Play button.
  • By choosing between hard and easy, users can adjust the degree of difficulty.
  • There will be a gaming board that opens and gets to work.

The Game Rules

The Game Rules

To aid understanding of the game, a list of the rules is also included. To win the game, users must follow these guidelines.

  • It is user’s task to transfer as many cards as possible from the representation to the foundation cards stack.
  • Once every card has been taken out of Tableau, sort them into decreasing order.
  • The pack of cards needs to be filled one single card at a time.
  • Users can move a card at the top of the pile or pack whose number is higher than the one they presently possess.
  • Points will be awarded for any card that goes in descendent sequence in the foundation stack like king to ace.
  • Every card will vanish from the tableau and pack up on the stack in this manner.
  • A bonus point will be awarded to users if they stack four or more than four cards of the same suit (in descendent order).

Simple Tips to Win the Game Regularly

Simple Tips to Win the Game Regularly

Users cannot win a game without trying new things and become better at it. They should continue playing until they are familiar with every method needed to succeed in the game.

Here are a few pointers for beginners who can add more excitement to their game.

  • Users can use wild cards whenever they can to expedite their move’s completion.
  • While placing the cards in the tableau, make an effort to concentrate on their colors.
  • Make as many pairs of cards of the same color as possible.
  • If users realize that their move was incorrect, they can reverse it, but make sure this is not done too frequently.
  • To obtain hints, use the earned coins. To obtain those coins, though, users must win a few games.
  • Try sorting the cards into a sequence before looking for bonus points.
  • Seek out opportunities to form many sequences or pairs with a single move.
  • Avoid leaving a lot columns blank as this will decrease the cards number from which to choose.
  • While playing, just maintain equal columns.
  • There should never be too many face-down cards in the columns.
  • To improve decision-making, try to commit the cards that were previously played to memory.
  • The order of foundation stack needs to be downward.
  • As soon as users can, try to shift the aces to the foundation stack.
  • Playing quickly could destroy the game, so have patience.

Avoid these petty Mistakes in your Google Solitaire

It is not sufficient for players to merely understand the game’s rules; they must also exercise caution and prevent blunders that could cost them the game. This is Google Solitaire.

  • Take good time to place the card on the foundation pile. On the other hand, spend more time filling in a column on the representation with blank space.
  • Just note to maintain every column equal and avoid getting trapped in just one.
  • Remember to use ‘undo option’ in case a move is made by mistake.

Users can also enjoy these Google Games

Users can play different solitaire games like TriPeaks Solitaire and Canfield Solitaire besides Google Solitaire game that is listed.

1. Canfield Solitaire

Canfield Solitaire

While playing Canfield Solitaire, a normal deck of cards is used. Building four foundation packs or piles, one for every suit, from Ace to King—is the goal. The foundation piles are constructed using cards from the display and reserve, adhering to certain guidelines including arranging cards in decreasing order and switching up their colors. When all the foundation piles are finished, the game is won.

2. TriPeaks Solitaire

TriPeaks Solitaire

The goal of TriPeaks Solitaire is to eliminate every card that is one rank higher or lower than the foundation card to clean the tableau. Beginning as an Ace and progressing to a King, or beginning as a King and descending to an Ace, is the foundation card. Once every card has been removed from the tableau, the game is won.

Want to Play Solitaire with Google Assistant?

Regretfully, Solitaire cannot be played with Google Assistant. Although Google Assistant is an AI that can answer questions and deliver information, it does not come with a built-in function for playing games like solitaire or others of a similar nature.

On the other hand, users can play a lot of online and mobile programs for Solitaire on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. To look for Solitaire gaming choices, search for “Solitaire” in the preferred browser or app stores.

It’s crucial to remember that Solitaire’s features and availability can change based on the platform and apps being used. Before installing or playing a certain Solitaire game, make sure to use a reliable app or website and read user reviews.


Whether users have a lot of free time or just a few minutes, Google Solitaire is a great way to unwind and challenge the brain. Users can play this timeless game with even more enjoyment and a higher chance of winning if they practice and apply the right methods.


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