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Software Testing Tips for Quality Assurance in Software Development

Software testing is a compulsory part of the coding process. Its primary goal is to review the software regarding its compliance with the qualifying standards of a product owner. At this stage, testers find and fix bugs ensuring that a targeted audience will get the best product. If you are currently searching for experienced and professional quality assurance specialists, go to Experts from this service have many years of experience in the niche of software development and understand how to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers!

Software Testing Tips for Quality Assurance

Let’s review the main tips for efficacious software quality assurance.

Awareness – Software Quality Also Depends on Developers

The thing is that the quality of a final product doesn’t only depend on quality assurance specialists. The dev team must also understand the importance of this project and realize that not all errors can be fixed. The first stage of quality assurance usually begins with the coding including design and the main concept. Thanks to the appropriate way, some errors can be prevented with early stage.

Hire Dedicated and Professional Quality Assurance Specialists

It goes without saying that nobody likes criticism. Programmers aren’t an exception to this rule. They believe that their code is perfect and impeccable. Therefore, it is hard for them to evaluate objectively the result of their work. Some of them can even aggressively defend their code.

The main goal of a quality assurance specialist is to objectively evaluate the code, check the results, and give a qualified assessment of the tested product. Teams at VentureDive are not only skilled, and talented but also professional in their work and the way they deal with various clients.

Software Testing Is a Compulsory Stage of the Development Process

Quality assurance is a mission-critical thing in the ongoing process of programming. Moreover, software testing must be integrated as a regular element in the everyday development process. This stage can’t be missed.

Create a Clear Report

It is clear that the key task of software testers is preparing comprehensive bug reports. Unfortunately, some quality assurance specialists don’t pay attention to this aspect of work considering it to be ineffective. That’s a huge mistake. A properly described bug can save the time of developers and as a result, they can fix this bug faster. When a coder tries to rediscover bugs himself and doesn’t have a detailed report, he’ll spend a lot of time on this task. Simply put, it distracts him from his work.

If you are a beginning quality assurance specialist, you have to bear in mind that detailed bug reports are your number-one task. Be more specific and write detailed descriptions of all preconditions, screenshots and log files, check all the steps, and try to make them more detailed. But don’t go from one extreme to another. Don’t add unnecessary information – save the programmer’s time and nerves.

Identification of Quality Criteria

Before coders start working on this or that project, the main quality criteria must be defined. Programmers and stakeholders must know what result they want to achieve. Quality characteristics of software are usually divided into the following criteria:

  • Functionality;
  • Reliability;
  • Usability;
  • Maintainability;
  • Efficiency;
  • Portability

The main task of a quality assurance specialist is to check the software according to these criteria. After that, they need to document all the results.

Test Automation

Today, around 80 % of all tests are performed automatically. They are very useful for regular testing and must-have tools that are very difficult to perform manually. Automated tests are divided into the following categories:

  • Unit tests;
  • Acceptance tests;
  • Component tests;
  • Integration tests;
  • Graphical User Interface tests.

They are extremely popular among testers, but unfortunately, they can’t solve all the problems. Not all programs or apps can be tested automatically. For instance, you can’t test software usability with the help of automated tests. In this case, manual testing is used.

Determine Priorities

It’s a crucially important aspect of testing. The main goal of a quality assurance specialist is to prioritize some functionalities. It is of utmost importance to understand the main points that need to be tested and not to waste time in vain. Besides, you shouldn’t test everything simultaneously. Otherwise, the quality will suffer.

Overall, the main goal of a QA expert is to determine the key aspects and features that should be tested. Begin with selected cases and gradually, you’ll develop your own testing strategy. In doing so, the probability of bugs will be reduced thus improving its stability.  Less important features can be tested later, after the official release.

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