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Softros LAN Messenger: Secure and Rich in Features

Highly regarded as one of the most user-friendly LAN messaging platforms, Softros LAN messenger clearly lives up to expectations. The platform is not only secure but also incredibly effective as an intra-office communication tool. Offering a unique environment, the messaging platform boasts so many features which we will discuss in the following section.Softros LAN Messenger

Unlike other feature-rich messaging platforms on the market, Softros LAN messenger provides users with the fast and easy installation. Users do not even need to have a server running at all times in order to properly run the software. Integrated with numerous functionalities, Softros LAN instant messaging service aims to enhance communication in an office environment.

Softros LAN messenger: an overview

Having reliable and secure live chat messenger software for internal communication in a working environment is crucial. It simply is one thing that a business must have. Living in a digitalized era, there seems to be a wide range of software to choose from. However, many businesses still have reservations about choosing one of them due to security matters.

Yes, the majority of live messaging services on the market indeed have a poor reputation in terms of security. Not only lack of security measures, they also lack in privacy. These two things are paramount to any business. Confidentiality is one thing that a business should never compromise. Aware of this predicament, Softros LAN messenger aims to revolutionize the world of internal messengers.

Designed specifically for business use, Softros LAN messaging platform makes it a point to focus on these matters. In order to achieve the highest security, Softros LAN messaging service employs the latest encryption technology. Every single chat will be fully encrypted and thus, protected. All of its security features are equipped with intuitive GUI without the need for servers to run.

The features and advantages

Perhaps the most talked about the feature from this messenger is that it works on corporate WAN and LAN. However, when it comes to features and functionalities, Softros LAN messaging service is more than generous. A few of the most notable functionalities can be seen in the following section:

    Secure group LAN chat rooms

    Drag-and-drop file transfer capabilities

    PC-to-PC messaging capabilities

    Broadcast messaging capabilities

The platform allows broadcast messages regarding an event to be delivered instantly to specific groups or individuals. Every single files and message are adequately facilitated within the corporate system, and encrypted automatically by its AES-256 Encryption system

This level of security ensures that only private correspondences within the network can access the files. There is virtually no risk of threats from an unauthorized individual outside of the system. No threats to the critical information of business operation. With your data and conversations adequately secured, running a business is less stressful.

There is no doubt on the fact that Softros LAN messaging service comes with a large number of features. It simply has everything you could have asked for in a messenger. For that reason, please check the following features:

    The best multilingual customer service that you can reach any time of the day.

    Securely encrypted LAN/WAN instant messaging,

    Rapid file transmission,

    Individual group offline messaging,

    User groups and user rights.

    Secure login

    Softros LAN messenger  supports all Windows version including the latest Windows.

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