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Snapchat Streak And Its Benefits

Snapchat has recently garnered a lot of attention with its freshness and newness that fit the millennials’ choice. Of course, the application is basically for rekindling old memories and friends through photos and videos. However, it has been used extensively as a chat application to get connected with long-term friends and loved ones. There are millions of people who have resorted to the application as their staple chat platform and enjoy their stint very much.

There are many contemporary features that make Snapchat special and popular. It has a wide variety of functionalities that appease the young generation in many ways. Some of the icons and memories it loads capture the audience’s emotion to extremes and thereby it has become very successful in recent times.

One of the new age concepts of Snapchat which have recently gathered a lot of attention and accolades is the Snapchat Streak which is a unique functionality to determine the closeness and bonding of 2 Snapchat users or friends. If your Snapchat streak measures a larger number, then it implies that the bonding between the two users has progressed even closer. This incites a thrill in the users who try to get a bigger Snapchat Streak.

Now let us get enlightened about this facet of Snapchat in-depth.

Calculation of Snapchat Streak:

Calculation of Snapchat Streak

Measurement of Snapchat streak is by counting the number of times two users Snapchat on a daily basis. If they happen to chat for continuously 5 days, then the number of Snapchat Streak is 5. A small flame icon pops up indicating their closeness and it continues to increase as and when they chat together.

This will kind of drive a bonding between the two and their friendship will eventually groom forward with the points propelling in days. It is one of the funniest and liveliest features which kind of trigger a companionship that lasts forever and persists.

Increasing the Snapchat Streak:

Increasing the Snapchat Streak

Sometimes you may be in conversation with a person consistently for 5 days, and then trying to go forward with the same amount of chatting or following through would be difficult. If you increase the number of days of your conversation, you can easily increase your Snapchat Streak. Sending a message or icon on a daily basis following through a proper schedule is very difficult than you imagine. The continuity aspect of connecting with contact will reap the benefit of Snapchat Streak.

Tips to follow to increase your Streak

  1. Fix a schedule to Snapchat with the contact you already have a streak on a daily basis. Make sure you fix a timeline and stick to it so that you don’t miss or forget.
  2. Add alert signals and reminders for the other person to respond promptly. This will help you in connecting regularly and thereby increasing the points.
  3. Sometimes the streak could die out if your consistency drops. In that case, Snapchat will indicate to you, that your time is elapsing and you have to act fast. An hourglass icon specifying the alert would pop up on the screen and it should not be discarded at any cost. The timing required for disbarring a streak is not regularly known or made aware of, but it does appear when the lapse in connection dwindles to a certain amount.
  4. Just a simple message is not sufficient to keep your streak alive. It has to be more than that like a photo or a video indicating the closeness or bond between two members.

Rewards of Snapchat streak:

Rewards of Snapchat streak

The longevity of your friendship is celebrated which is basically counted as a reward. This drives your association to another level and makes you realize the specialty of the other person you share the streak with. It is just an emoji you will get at the end of a successful streak, but that perks up the users to a large extent triggering a sense of satisfaction for achieving the streak. There are milestone streaks, and each of them would be a different reward icon varying in size and design.

The numbers will go on to increase incessantly as and when the two users get together. When you reach 100 days, there will be a prompt reward of an emoji reminding you of the 100th anniversary of your friendship. It will tend to increase day by day, and finally, an opportunity might surface to be the recipient of the Snapchat trophy.

There are so many trophies for different milestone days. Some of the prominent ones include Baby Emoji, Glowing Star Emoji, Sparkles Emoji, Explosion Emoji, Rocket Emoji, and Ghost Emoji. These emojis display on your screen when you have achieved that particular milestone day of continuous chatting.

The trophies are placed in the in-app trophy folder. You can navigate to your profile screen and view all of the trophies you have earned. Some rewards that you have unlocked in the Snapchat gig will also be displayed on the same page for your notice.


Snapchat is a modern application that has given a different and new dimension to people’s chatting bouts. They are basically designed for millennials to celebrate and enjoy the bonding of friendship and love. Small functionalities like Snapchat streak pep up the users and make the application more interesting and contemporary. This feature can be availed as it will juice up your chatting schedules to a larger extent.

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