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Sitting In Luxury, Dining With Style

Every restaurant aims to be the best for customer experience. A restaurant that provides topnotch customer experience will attract more customers regardless of its caliber, food or drink prices. It is not even the price or status, the first thing that many customers will look for when selecting a restaurant is the professionalism and etiquette of a place.

Sitting In Luxury, Dining With Style

One of the things that they will pay attention to is how the food is served. The etiquette that servers exhibit while serving food to their customers can attract or turn off clients in a big way. Nobody wants to go to a restaurant with servers who are not properly trained on how to serve food with dignity. A luxury restaurant only counts when it offers its customers a chance to dine with style. Dining with style all begins with the serving etiquette of a place.

This article shares some knowledge on how restaurants can ensure their clients are sitting in luxury and dining with style;

1. Dining Furniture

Investing in high quality dining chairs and tables can go a long way in attracting more clients to your place. Even if your prices are slightly higher than the prices of many other restaurants in your area, clients will appreciate the luxury, comfort and style they enjoy at your place than the price discounts they would enjoy in other places. Invest in quality furniture before anything else.

2. Know How to Set Up Your Tables

One of the trickiest parts of providing unforgettable dining experience to your customers is setting up your tables appropriately. With formal dinner settings which can include up to 20 pieces of dinnerware for just one guest and with a range of tableware, it can seem confusing as to what to place where. Here is a good rule though:

Arrange your table settings for right handed people. In a clockwise direction, set the following items; water and wine glasses, knives, spoons, dinner forks as well as charger and dinner plates. Provide enough napkins for the guests to use. You may also need to avail additional pieces like specialty utensils such as seafood forks depending on the menu.

  • When setting the table, hold cutlery from the middle and glasses by the stem to minimize the appearance of fingerprints.
  • Always ensure your tablecloths are free of stains and wrinkles.
  • Make sure the tabletop is symmetrical to create a beautiful backdrop for your guests to enjoy.

3. Serving Food and Wine

Always serve food and drinks from the guest’s left side. Your arms should not be crossed in front of a guest when serving. When pouring wine, always hold a wine glass by the stem and not by the bowl and be sure to use a napkin to wipe the excess drips from the mouth of the bottle.

As said earlier, nothing else counts more than a proper serving etiquette in restaurant business. If you don’t practice a proper etiquette, your place will not appeal that much to customers no matter how comfortable or luxurious it may look. Practice the above food serving tips and attract more customers to your restaurant.

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