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Parental Control App To Keep Your Child Safe – Phonty App

Every day we spend hours online, surfing the internet, reading news and sharing information with our friends, relatives or coworkers. As adults, we know how to control and master the obtained data but our kids are vulnerable and not always have a chance to distinguish right from wrong.

Unfortunately, some information online can be harmful and affect children in many unpredictable ways. That is why parental control is a great way to shield children from all the dark corners of the internet, not depending on the device they use: PC, laptop, tablet or a cell phone.

Parental Control App To Keep Your Child Safe – Phonty App

These instruments may be harmful for our children and give them access to unwanted information, bullying and trolling, which can lead to awful consequences. Using phone tracker helps parents to filter information their children obtain.

What are parental controls?

However, there is a simple way out and modern parental tracking instruments allow you not only to limit access to certain websites but also to monitor keystrokes and record various conversations and dialogues.

Such apps are available on various platforms but the most powerful are those, which run on Android due to a looser Google politics. Such apps run on the latest software and give parents a chance to manage all the information their children obtain during internet browsing or socializing through various social media platforms.

Parental controls are probably the best modern inventions in terms of security, as they help people from all corners of the world protect their children from bad influence of those, who want to benefit from them. Use your chance to make sure that no one is harming your child by using the best parental control apps on the market!

Your Child’s Security? Priceless

There are many various apps on the market, which help parents track their child’s activity online, so you need to make sure you use the best software with access to all of the modern features.

Usually, such apps have a free trial mode and a paid version, which starts at around $15 per year. However, you will need to pay more if you want to activate additional features, add devices and children.

Apart from Android versions, there is a chance to install tracking software on your PC, which allows you to add filters, get regular reports and make schedules for future.

Web and Social Media Filtering

Parenting control apps work, using the same pattern: they take out the browser trash by filtering the inappropriate content, changing current browser or making children to install a new one. In both cases, all the records of web searches, dialogues and calls are saved and sent to the parental account.

The best part of using web and social media filtering consists of the fact that you not only have a chance to block obvious websites with pornography or violence but also to add keywords or phrases. Your customized filters will adjust to your child’s age and interests depending on the situation. For example, your child may not have access to certain pages of the same website.

In addition, you can either block access to various social media pages, like Instagram and Facebook or simply get information on all the dialogues and shared files with other users.

Phonty App

Exclusive Android Features

Every app has a certain list of regular and additional options, which can be unlocked depending on the level of membership and version of the software. Usually, you can opt for location tracking, blocking certain apps or even Google Play Market and tracking the cell phone simply by logging in from your personal device.

For additional fees, you will be able to block the phone, see where your child is situated at the exact moment and record his or her calls if necessary. Such options will give you a chance to ensure your child’s safety and protection, when you are not together.

Won’t Somebody – Think of the Children?

We are living in a world, where kidnapping, bullying and various attacks are becoming a reality, so it is important to always be aware where your child is and who are his friends. Paying attention to the slightest details may save your child’s life one day, so parental control tools will definitely become the best instruments you have on your cell phone.




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