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Simple Business Software for Cleaning Crews

Business owners and managers are discovering that they can put the power of new technology to work for them.  One such example is scheduling software from providers like Hubstaff that saves time and lets you create and track work schedules, generate and approve timesheets, and send invoices. Some apps are designed especially for cleaning crews and janitorial services, saving time and effort and reducing the possibility of errors. The scheduling software can also help you to pay your crew in a timely manner by generating timesheets that can be integrated with payroll.

Software for Cleaning Crews

Why Cleaning Services Need Scheduling Software

Cleaning crews are by definition a busy lot. There’s a lot of work to get through each day, and tight schedules to be maintained. New software applications from providers like Hubstaff help you make sure that your business remains organized, from setting up the work roster to tracking your crew in real time, to creating timesheets and finally, making accurate and timely payments.

Many apps include a GPS tracking function, so you can locate your crews in real time. That way, you will always know if they are in the right place at the right time. If they are stuck in traffic somewhere, you can call or text to let the client know. You can also create and go through checklists for tasks at each location so that nothing gets left out. The software can then generate accurate timesheets based on actual hours worked, and this information can be sent to payroll for processing.

Scheduling software for cleaning crews can save a lot of time and trouble, making the job of organizing and managing your work crews much easier. Whether you’re supervising a crew of five or two hundred, it lets you manage your workforce easily and effectively, eliminating mistakes caused by human error.

5 Scheduling Software Applications for Your Cleaning Service

There are quite a few different kinds of scheduling software available, and you may be wondering which one is right for your business. The reviews below look at five apps that let you manage your cleaning business with just a few taps and clicks. Easier scheduling and payments also translate into happier and more productive employees.

1. SweptWorks

This software is especially designed for cleaning companies, with scheduling, time tracking, inspections and even translations into a hundred languages so you can communicate with your crew. The app lets you support your crew with cleaning instructions, and also lets you track supplies so they can be replenished when you’re running low. Staff can stay in touch and report any issues they face before these turn into full-blown problems.

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff’s employee management software with an easy-to-use interface takes you from scheduling to payments in a single, streamlined operation. The app has a version customized for janitorial crews, which lets you schedule shifts, track your workers via GPS in real time, and generate timesheets based on actual hours worked by each employee. The timesheets are can be imported to payroll in CSV or PDF format. The software also lets you create invoices to bill clients, and to track projects and budgets.

3. The Service Program

The Service Program is a QuickBooks add-on for cleaning and maid service companies. This high-powered program handles all operations from scheduling to tracking to payroll. It can be used on computers as well as mobile devices, so you and your crew are literally on the same page when it comes to scheduling, tracking routes and jobs, cleaning services performed at each location, and set up email alerts for clients when each job is completed.

Clients can be billed for each visitor monthly, and the reporting and analytic functions of the software let you track profitability and budgets.

4. WorkWave Service

This app is specially designed for janitorial services of all sizes. It lets businesses unify their operations and improve their efficiency. It offers better communications with both clients and staff. You can set up customized service orders for different clients, schedule, dispatch and track work crews, create and send invoices and make timely payments to your workers.

5. HouseCall Pro

Among free scheduling apps, HouseCall Pro offers powerful features like scheduling, integration with Google Calendar, client booking, and even credit card processing. The booking app can even be downloaded by clients, who can schedule services as needed. The app’s management tools allow you to manage customer service as well as employees.

The HouseCall Pro maid service software provides a seamless platform for everything from booking to scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, payment processing and even follow-up marketing. You have to pay for upgrades like adding on more customer tools like reminder emails and postcards. Upgrades also let you integrate the software with QuickBooks.

Business software for cleaning crews can simplify and streamline operations. There are many different applications that you can use for your business, which perform functions like scheduling, tracking, generating timesheets and invoices, and processing payments.

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