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SextPanther Provides Opportunities for Connections Even During COVID-19

SextPanther is a private company that helps people connect with models in the adult industry. It was founded in 2014. The company uses a range of technology and resources to connect its users with its talent base.

SextPanther Provides Opportunities

The company is a unique site in that it offers users a way to have sex chats with their content creators on the site. It allows content creators (models) to create content and connect with clients and get paid for doing so. That is a different format from most adult sites that do not allow direct connection and earning opportunities in this form for those creating the videos. As a result, the company bills itself as a way for people to earn extra income from their homes.

How Does It Work?

SextPanther focuses mostly on sex chatting. It allows people to engage in sexual conversations through text messages, or sexts, to add interest to their love life or intimate needs. The company claims that sexting is a preferred method for connecting with others for intimate relationships right now. The sexting culture has grown in popularity thanks to the easy access and use of texting apps.

These texting apps allow people to connect with others while still protecting their personal data. This allows a person using SextPanther to connect, share sexual conversations, and not have a high risk of having personal data stolen in the process. There is no worry about someone tracking the individual down, for example.

Content creators can create messages, pictures, and videos to share with others. They can trade those texts and nude pictures with those who subscribe to their services. Users create an account with the app. They then choose the membership level that they are most interested in using. From there, they can use credits from their membership to connect with content creators.

Content creators are paid from SextPanther for the connections they have made. This is generally a payment sent twice a month. Most often, content creators are able to sext those who have a premium subscription. This allows them to gain access to those who are most likely interested in connecting. The content creators are able to get started quickly just by setting up an account on the site. (There are conditions and rules, as well as several steps to the process).

The process of getting started for the client purchasing a subscription includes:

  • Setting up a free account with basic information
  • Find a content creator that they desire to connect with
  • Add that person as a contact
  • Send a text message directly from the phone or the web to that person

Users of the site purchase credits. They can do this by using a credit card, or they can exchange gift cards from other top brands. $1 is equal to 1 credit. The credits are added to the account balance to allow the user to then find contacts to connect with to text.

Breaking the Connection Without Phone Numbers

One of the ways SextPanther works to protect all involved is by allowing one on one communication over its website. For example, when a user sends a message to a content creator on the site, the message goes from their phone to SextPanther. Then, SextPanther receives the message and immediately forwards it to the content creator’s phone number. This eliminates the sharing of phone numbers, keeping everyone safe in the process.

Credits are used when the user sends messages to the content creator. The creator earns money when they receive those messages.

Credits are deducted from a user’s account whenever they send a text message to the content creator, as well as any time they send a video or picture or when they open a picture or video sent by the creator. In addition, credits are used for calls to the creator. It is also possible to use credits to tip a person.

Who Is Doing the Work?

Another layer of protection for those using SextPanther is in how they choose creators. While the process is easy for most people to create an account and start creating content, there are some limitations in place. SextPanther screens all of its talent. This happens before they are listed on the site. That means there are no catfish model profiles and not bots to worry about interacting with during the process. It is truly a one-on-one process.

All content creators on SextPanther have background checks completed. Additionally, they submit their legal identification to the site to ensure they are who they say they are.

Why SextPanther Is Important During a Pandemic

The pandemic creates numerous complications for people who were looking to engage in relationships and even just some fun. Restaurants, bars, and other entertainment locations providing these connections prior to the pandemic were eliminated when everything shut down. This created a situation where those who wanted to work in the industry could not and those who wanted to engage with those in the industry couldn’t do so.

This has helped to fuel the sexting industry. SextPanther noticed this gap in communication and the risks of allowing people to interact with others sharing personal phone numbers. The software they developed eliminated this risk, keeping personal information private and yet enabling connectivity.

Why Is SextPanther Successful?

With a user-friendly website and a SnapChat-like app, this company is working to make it easy for people to engage in sexting and sending other types of adult content with a basic fee schedule. Reports indicate that the company has over 4 million people signed up for its services with about 90 percent of them being male. There is a separate platform for male content creators as well. Creators do not have to have experience and can choose when and how much to interact and work. The company collects revenue from users and captures a fee of what the user pays. Users can upgrade their accounts when they want to do so, offering more flexibility than other platforms.

As a result, those who wish to work in the adult industry can do so from home and with ample privacy while those who wish to engage in these services can easily do so. That’s helped SextPanther to grow a strong userbase.

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