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Seven Skills All Managers Should Have – But Most Of Them Lack

No doubt, great management skills are not born overnight, but they can be acquired in some circumstances, with the help of professional management courses. Leadership and management qualifications are mandatory for anybody that aspires to occupy such positions in the future. Generally, people consider those only after they are proposed for a management position and these courses are mandatory. But if you want to prepare for your future career, better start now and enrol in similar courses. Regardless, below are some skills that all leaders and managers, regardless of the industry they activate in, need.

Seven Skills All Managers Should Have – But Most Of Them Lack

1. Great Communication Skills

Good communication skills are oftentimes seen as the foundation of a flourishing business. This usually happens because the great knowledge behind a great manager can only be passed down on your team if you know how to properly communicate and word your ideas. Not only a good set of communication skills will allow you to pass your knowledge to others, but it will also help verbalize your needs and expectations, the outcomes expected and other similar aspects, absolutely mandatory for managerial positions. Offering and receiving feedback in a positive manner, regardless of the type of feedback you provide is also important. In a recent survey, workers were asked what skills their managers have to improve. The results were striking, more than 30% identifying communication and diplomacy amongst those. One way in which you can significantly improve your communication skills would be to improve the following aspects of your daily activity and interactions.

  • Encourage honest feedback;
  • Know your audience, as not all communication manners work equally effective;
  • Put extra efforts in during crisis times;
  • Genuinely listen to your employees;
  • Always be available for discussions with your employees;
  • Help your employees see the bigger picture;
  • Encourage them to be straightforward with you.

All these simple strategy adjustments will help you be a better communicator and manager, overall. If you really want to take your communication to the next level, consider professional speaking training.

2. Proper Management Education

While leadership and management training sessions won’t magically turn you into a reputable manager, leadership skills are other skills that managers usually lack, as identified by the same study mentioned above. Almost 20% of the employees said that leadership is significantly lacking in their manager’s case. Make sure to research your options well and choose an accredited leadership and management training course. Otherwise, you may end up spending plenty of money and still lack the proper skills, at the end of the journey. Such courses will help you enhance your potential and prospects at the workplace as an aspiring manager, while full-time managers, regardless of the industry in which they activate, will become fully aware on how to properly use all their resources for a better management process.

3. Good Organisational Skills

Another important skill that many managers lack is a great sense of organisation. Without being able to organise your schedule and follow through with it. Also, keeping your teams organised and their duties properly distributes is equally important. Many managers overlook the importance of these aspects, but needless to say, this will offer you the ability to predict activities that are due to take place inside your company and follow through with those.

4. Industry Expertise

It’s worth mentioning that almost 20% of the employees that took part in that particular survey claim that field knowledge is an important aspect that their managers lack. Needless to say, all managerial courses won’t help anybody, if the manager is clueless in terms of internal processes. A detailed knowledge of the field is mandatory for all managers, and this can only boost the productivity of their teams. A clueless manager will only make their team slower and less likely to meet the deadline, as well as the quality standard in their companies.

5. Time Management Skills

In many cases, managers have to deal with plenty of projects and not enough time to deal with them all. Case in which, they do what everybody does; they prioritize. And this isn’t particularly bad, but this means that some projects will be delayed, some clients, unhappy with these delays, and their future work might have to suffer. Another negative impact of poor management skills is the fact that in many cases, managers tend to neglect their employees when being too busy. A great set of time management skills will help them meet all the deadlines that are so important for their work while maintaining a great relationship with their employees.

6. Stress Management Skills

While we can’t change the way in which managers sometimes deal with their stress levels, it’s worth mentioning the fact that their behaviour during stressful periods significantly impacts other’s work in terms of productivity and stress levels as well. As a manager, you have to be able to recognize the stressful periods in your life and avoid letting those to disturb your relationships with your employees and other collaborators. A good set of stress management skills will help you maintain a professional and adequate image of yourself and your company. Temper tantrums certainly don’t have their place at the company that you manage.

7. Conflict Management Skills

Just like a proper education in management matter, the ability to solve conflicts in a peaceful and reasonable manner at the workplace will definitely help you in the long run. Being able and ready to defend others, their positions and in spite of this all, solve all the conflicts between your employees is a skill that most managers, in spite of the fact that they think they have this ability, completely lack. Make sure to consider some assertive communication and thinking courses, as this may help you in the long run, when it comes to delicate matters.

These skills usually are usually seen as extremely valuable for all managers; many pride themselves with such skills, without realizing the fact that they completely lack most of those. A proper management course will help you get a better grip on some necessary notions and skills, for improved management capabilities.

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