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Features And Benefits Of Tag Management System

E-marketing tags are needed to integrate third-party solutions like A/B testing, conversion tracking, audience analytics and for offline data integration. Tag Management systems are used to manage the lifecycle of these e-marketing tags or web beacons.

Tag Management System

There are several features and benefits of tag management systems. Here they are

1. Control of tracking code that appears on web pages:

Tag managers can control the tracking code that appears on a web page. Tag managers do this with rules engine that change output based on URLs.

2. Safe preview of tags:

Some tag management systems have a preview mode that allows one to check for security problems and formatting issues before tags are deployed.

3. Saving of costs:

Tag management systems deduplicate tags that are used to attribute commission. This helps to save a lot of expenses.

4. Performance improvement:

Tag management systems improve performance by reducing page load times. Features like tag timeout functionality, conditional tag loading, and asynchronous tag loading help with performance improvement.

5. Improved collaboration between teams:

Tag management systems support testing in various environments, and they support granular access controls which help with collaboration between marketing and IT teams.

6. Better control of data:

Tag management systems add another abstraction layer that helps in managing complex, large websites. Tag management systems can control data leakage to third-party websites while still complying with data privacy legislation like cookie consent and do-not-track policies.

7. Improved agility:

Agility is improved by reducing the dependency on IT cycles and reducing reliance on technical resources. This helps users to add and update tags easily for a better understanding of site analytics, conversions etc.

8. Dynamic collection of data:

Tag management systems can pull data off the HTML of pages and put it into an analytics tag.

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