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SEO Project Management: A Detailed Guide into Fostering Efficiency

Seeing the term SEO and project management together might bring about some questions in the heart of business owners and regular individuals alike. Previously, people thought that SEO was all their businesses needed to bolster traffic to a client’s site. Well, if you’ve towed this line of thought, you’re not alone.

SEO Project Management

Although it might seem as though SEO has been around for a while, it started gaining popularity some years ago as the WWW (World Wide Web) became broader with each passing day.

However, it has become a focal point for businesses looking to make that big break in customer acquisition, sales, and lots more. To drive our point home, let’s give credence to a mind-boggling statistic.

According to a recent report, 93 percent of Internet experiences start with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etcetera. Consequently, it’s no surprise why entities are churning in all available resources to develop SEO strategies because business ventures want to come out up TOP!

So, how does SEO project management come into the mix, and why have companies opened an SEO project manager position? Well, we have perfectly crafted answers just for you. Below, we’ll be taking a closer look at SEO project management and some employable tips to ensure efficiency.

SEO Project Management: What Does This Term Entail?

While you’re probably expecting a definition that looks somewhat technical to understand, it’s pretty self-explanatory. In layman’s terms, SEO project management means project management in SEO. However, to enable you to know the inner workings, let’s take things a step further.

Let’s say you have a start-up that deals with agro products. Now, this entity of yours has a blog that gets you the patronage you need as long as it’s focused on what people want.

However, to create these posts, you need specific keywords to rank high on popular search engines. Even though it’s pretty easy to source keywords from a truckload of other sites, things can get quite messy.

So, if you crave more perspective and organization, an excellent way to start is setting up an SEO project management plan. Asides from the clarity it provides, project management in SEO accords you and your business the luxury of accomplishing tasks swiftly and effectively.

Attributes of a Top SEO Project Manager: Are There Set Qualities One Must Possess?

The marketplace is becoming saturated by the day. Therefore, businesses seek ways to rise above the competition using SEO-themed additions to bolster their online presence.

Since this is a relatively new concept, SEO project manager positions are being opened at different companies (new and established).

So, do you feel you’re the right fit for these positions? If you have doubts, here are some qualities you must possess to be eligible for consideration.

Leadership Skills

Although you might have come across some vocal individuals, not everyone is born and bred to become leaders. To excel as an SEO project manager, you’ll need to command that air of “finality” when you step into a room.

Here, it’s important to note that being a leader is different from being that “rude” boss everyone fears. So, if you’re a person that leads by example and is ready to put in the work, you’ve checked a box in the SEO project manager hire checklist.


SEO project managers usually have a lot of people under their supervision. The saying, “united we stand, divided we fall,” comes to the fore at this juncture.

Here, you’ll need the help of team members to ensure that projects are completed with lightning speed while being efficiently put together.

To effect this scenario, you must be able to communicate clearly with different people without clogging relationships.

SEO projects can be likened to a wheel, and without effective communication, there might be a clog in proceedings. Therefore, as a prospective SEO project manager, this is one essential quality to possess.

Ability to Work With Several Tools

As an SEO project manager, you’ll need a solid foundation on the inner workings attached to several work tools. That way, you can churn out the perfect SEO project management template without dealing with numerous backlogs.

Concerning what tools you should have mastery in, notable mentions include Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Slack, Hive, and Google Sheets.

Since your job description requires concentration and organization, these tools are vital in ensuring you can keep to deadlines while delivering stellar results.

Attention to the Most Intricate of Details

As an SEO project manager, your ability to pay attention to detail is vital. Most times, projects are sent out with errors. With the patience of several clients being short-spanned these days, they might pull out of a deal they had with your firm, and that’s not a good look.

Consequently, you must be able to point out errors before a final submission is made. When you’re thorough in your review, positive dividends reign supreme.

Project Management

Effective SEO Project Management: Noteworthy Tips to Consider

While we’ve seen what makes up an SEO project manager, SEO projects deemed successful were never crafted out of thin air.

However, if you’d like your firm to churn out successful projects, adopt these tips for effective SEO project management. They include:

Set a Goal

The “when there’s a will, there’s a way” principle applies to SEO project management. Since SEO, generally, can lead to several “back and forths” in keyword acquisition and other aspects, having a clear goal is crucial.

With goals in the center of project fulfillment, your company doesn’t deviate to other side attractions as everyone has a definite result in mind.

Even if the results aren’t what you desired at first, you can always seek out other strategies to work the trick.

Follow Through and Get Convenient with an Approach

SEO is like the game of chess. Everything that happens must be calculated and weighed against several factors. Although guessing was a thing back in the day during SEO’s inception, that activity doesn’t work as it used to.

Thus, you must have an approach that yields good results. When you do so, being comfortable with that strategy is crucial. Why? To save your business the stress, frustration, and stale outcomes that accompany switches based on impulse.

Major Takeaway

Everyone wants their businesses to rank number one. However, there’s only one spot to claim. While you might not always get the result you crave, there’s no harm in doing due diligence to determine what strategy works for your business.

That said, not everyone can be an entrepreneur. If you’re sure you’ve got the skills to be an SEO project manager, several firms are looking for your expertise.

Regardless of your position, SEO projects typically demand focus and attention. If you’re able to combine both as an entrepreneur or a prospective SEO project manager, you’ll reap the results you’ve always wanted.

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