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SEO Backlink: 4 Reasons Why Backlinks are Important

With the different marketing strategies available these days, it is essential to understand the hierarchy of these strategies and when they need to be implemented. The most important tactics in SEO are keyword research, optimized content, meta descriptions, and backlinks. In fact, backlinking is one of the most critical steps that marketers can take to optimize their website for a higher ranking.

If you are a business owner, manager, or marketer, without a doubt, you have to start building backlinks for your website to help viewers reach your on-page content efficiently. When it comes to investing capital into backlinking, things can get a little less straightforward. It can be difficult to acquire good backlinks to your business on top of all that.


This article will explain why backlinking is vital for traffic building, conversions, and ranking your business higher. First, let’s understand what backlinks are.

What is a Backlink?

Backlinks are also known as “inbound” and “Incoming” links. Backlinks are formed when one website links to a different website. Take, for example, if a beauty and fashion site links to a blog that compares the prices of other beauty products. The site that compares the prices of different beauty products gets a vote of confidence or a backlink from the beauty and fashion site in this scenario.

In short, backlinks are links that direct people to your website from a preferably bigger or higher quality website. If you have several high-quality links pointing back at your website, then your site’s domain authority would increase, and it would then also increase your rankings.

How do you earn High-quality Backlinks?

There are three main ways that you can earn high-quality backlinks, and these include:

Natural links, Manual Links, and Self created Links.

  1. Natural Links- These links are provided without any action from the website owner. Imagine the scenario we talked about the beauty and fashion site linking to a comparison site of beauty products. If the comparison site has to do nothing to gain that backlink, then it would be called a natural link. The best way to obtain such a link is through consistent, high-quality content posting on your site.
  2. Manual Links- Manual links can be gained if the above-mentioned beauty product comparison site actually contacted the beauty and fashion site to request a link that would take people to their site Guest posting is another form of manual marketing. People would usually link their website within the content of a guest post.
  3. Self-created links- Self-created links are made when a site owner or manager adds a backlink into a forum, online directory, or blog. Self-created links are one of the easier ways to gain backlinks, but many of the self-created links and their tactics tend to lean towards Black Hat SEO strategies that might have a negative impact on your search engine ranking.

Here are some other ways to get high-quality backlinks

  • Adding your website to different local directories
  • Doing guest posting on relevant sites
  • Doing interviews
  • Creating infographics
  • Applying for various online awards

Reasons Why Backlinks are vital for SEO

Well, there are several reasons why backlinks are important for SEO. Without much chitchat, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the importance of backlinks and why you should employ them.

Indexes your pages faster on Google

Before your pages rank on Google, they have to be indexed. When you publish content, the immediate next step is to get your pages recognized by Googlebot. Especially after the first publication, it can prove difficult to get recognized by Google. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get quickly recognized by Googlebot is to get backlinked by a high authority website that receives high traffic daily. These sites are often the ones that are crawled by Googlebot frequently.

When you have a couple of high-quality backlinks, Google will index your website and its web pages faster.

It gets you more Organic traffic.

When you increase both your rankings and DA with backlinks, you can expect to see an increase in your organic traffic. Once you have organic traffic to your website, you do not require to pay in order to receive visitors for your site. They will find your website naturally through google searches. More than 90 percent of pages on Google do not receive enough organic traffic because they do not have good backlinks from high-ranking sites.

Increases your Credibility and Domain Authority

Backlinks are one way that search engines understand that your content is actually credible. If you want to gain the trust score in Google, then backlinking on high-quality sites carries an even higher value. Once you gain trust, Google will push your ranking through the top.

One way to increase your credibility is to have backlinks from DA(40 and up) and relevant sites. When you gain backlinks like these, your DA will increase as well.  Higher DA ensures better boosting scores.

Increases SERP ranking

TO have a good position on Google’s search engine results pages, getting high-quality and relevant website backlinks to provide you with a high competitive advantage. When you are applying for jobs with a similar degree and experience like the rest of the candidates, but you managed to receive better referrals from previous employers, you will have a much higher chance of landing the job.

This is the same with Google’s search algorithm. Google will usually choose websites that have stronger referrals or backlinks.


By now, you might have realized the importance that backlinks carry for SEO. Not only do you get indexed faster, but you also obtain organic traffic, receive a boost in ranking, all the while increasing your domain credibility and authority. When you are getting started, keep an eye out for high-quality free backlink providers. Usually, you will be asked to get signed up, but the benefit you can receive from them is generally worth it. Also, remember to avoid any Black Hat tactics while you are employing the different backlink strategies.

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