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Search Engine Optimization Vs. Paid Traffic: Which Marketing Method Is The Best For Your Business?

SEO (Search engine optimization) and Paid traffic are incredibly valuable online marketing strategies. They lead to massive traffic and huge income. And because every online retailers’ goal is to enhance their business growth, choosing the best marketing method is crucial. It will depend on your budget and business needs. Search engine optimization vs. Paid traffic will enable you to determine the best method for your business. Here are 5 features that help you to compare the two marketing strategies:

Search Engine Optimization Vs. Paid Traffic

  • Cost-effectiveness

Every online business has a plan on how to run successfully. This plan helps someone to come up with a clear budget. Thus, before selecting the marketing method for your business, you need to know your budget and that for the method to use. The search engine optimization is cost-effective as compared to the paid traffic. For the paid traffic, you will have to pay for advertising promotion for customers to visit your website. For SEO, you will get traffic without paying a single coin. All you need is to use high-quality content and upload great images to enhance ranking.

  • Immediate results

No one wants to spend more time to start getting income. All retailers have a goal of starting an online business and getting immediate results. For the paid traffic, you will immediately start getting more traffics, clicks and conversion which can lead to huge income. With the SEO, you will have to wait for months before you start seeing your site moving up.

  • Scalability and predictability

Being able to predict the amount of traffic to get in a specific period is essential because you will have an idea of whether your site is capable of supporting the traffic or not. With this, you can look for a way to scale the website to handle a massive amount of work. For search engine optimization, it can be difficult to predict. With the paid traffic, you will have a clue about the number of visitors to get.

  • Assurance of huge traffic

Having a guarantee of getting massive traffic can motivate a retailer to perform research and create a high quality and unique content. For the paid traffic, you will not have to worry about getting losses. The better you pay, the better results you get. With SEO, you will not be sure of whether you will get traffic or not. You can be penalized of creating a sketchy website or using low-quality content.

  • Sustainability

A paid search will offer an instant lift to your website’s performance, but once you delay the payment, the performance will go down. SEO, on the contrary, has the capability of maintaining consistent traffic over time and has the advantage of the longevity of marketing superiority.


Both the paid traffic and search engine optimization can lead to good results. If you have budgetary constraints, you can give the natural search engine optimization a priority. Those with the ability to pay for the clicks, a well-structured paid traffic are the best. It provides immediate results, and you will start generating income.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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