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SDC Verifier. A Trusted Partner for Engineering and Software

SDC Verifier is a renowned engineering and software company offering all-round consulting for various businesses. SDC Verifier helps its clients to find the most suitable engineering solutions. Having more than 20 years of experience, it offers robust and responsive standard checking software which applies to different FEA programs. They include ANSYS, Femap, Simcenter 3D.

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Services of SDC Verifier

SDC Verifier lends full support in software and mechanical design solutions for offshore and marine, oil and gas, and civil industries. It focuses on the Finite Element Method to scrutinize industrial systems for material fatigue, buckling of plates and sections, and members` solidity to prevent and foresee possible damages to them. Software and engineering assistance by SDC Verifier includes the following:

  1. Building of FEA Models. SDC Verifier team develops detailed and precise calculation models of structures to make a simulation of their real-life behaviour and analyse it thoroughly.
  2. Structural calculations with FEA Method. Highly-qualified and experienced engineers utilize modern top-notch software to carry out various structural analyses such as Linear Static or Advanced Non-linear Dynamic analysis.
  3. Professional measurements and inspections. SDC Verifier specialists visit the operating sites to measure the relevant dimensions and parameters (speed, frequency, acceleration, etc.) and to point out potential problem areas.
  4. Code checking. SDC Verifier specializes in comprehensive check-up of the bucklings, calculation of welds capacity, and predicting the residual lifetime of the structures.
  5. Design check and its improvement. SDC Verifier elaborates an optimal structural design to ideally suit project`s targets.
  6. Bespoke code checking software. For more than a decade SDC Verifier develops a tailor-made structural design codes verification software that simultaneously works with the most popular FEA solutions.
  7. Cloud-based engineering products. The company uses cutting-edge software technologies to boost the engineering solutions and develop customized online tools for diverse businesses.
  8. Tender support. SDC Verifier prepares all the needed documents on the structural calculation to form the highly competitive tender applications.
  9. Complete certification assistance. One of the core skills of SDC Verifier is developing an entire calculation procedure in compliance with the regulations of the Eurocodes, ABS, DNV, FEM and other norms.

SDC Verifier Complete certification assistance

Structural Verifying Given Acknowledged Standards

SDC Verifier is a robust platform for the automated model verification given manifold recognized industry regulations and international norms. Among other tools, following codes are included:

  • Eurocode 3;
  • DIN 15018;
  • EN 13001;
  • FEM 1.001;
  • AISC 360-10;
  • Norsok N004;
  • ISO 19902;
  • DNV-GL RP-C203, RP-C201;
  • ABS Plate Buckling;
  • FKM Fatigue;
  • DVS 1608/1612.

Thanks to those cutting-edge technologies, there is no need to create any additional models or bulky spreadsheets and it becomes possible to automate the report generation process.

SDC Verifier carries out professional verification of both big constructions like ships, or oil rigs, and the smallest structural elements to ensure long-lasting service of the industrial objects. Whether it’s a flexible composite structure, rivet, bolt, connection, plate or weld, SDC Verifier inspects any of those elements to make sure they correspond to the specific prerequisites of the project.

Cooperation with Various Businesses

SDC Verifier has broad hands-on experience of successful cooperation in the following industries:

  • offshore and maritime;
  • oil and gas;
  • heavy lift machinery;
  • aerospace and defence;
  • automotive industry;
  • civil engineering.

To sum up, SDC Verifier is a reliable partner when it comes to the challenges of engineering and efficient resolutions to them. SDC Verifier assists in design examinations, structure verifying according to the industry rules, all-encompassing tender and certification support.

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