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Role Of The Internet Technology In People’s Lives

The undisputed truth is that the internet provides countless ways of communication between humans around the world. It is possible, with just one click, to interact with people from all over the planet at any time. The distance, in the cyber space of the Internet, does not exist, people are close and communicate through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp and many other media that will still appear. Even to take care of our visa, we can take advantage of services provided by sites such as When it comes to internet it is all very fast and also dangerous. All the attention is still little. There are many people in disguise, face or face, trying to deceive, deceive others.

Role Of The Internet Technology In People's Lives

Nowadays, with the popularization and democratization of access on social networks, the whole society, from different countries, is organized through the internet. This is because social networks that were once just a means of entertainment and entertainment, today are gaining momentum for protests, conflict coverage, wars, politics, controversial issues, ethnic conflicts, demonstrations, social and love affairs, relationships and information of all kinds. It is an open and democratic space for the poor and rich. The Internet does not discriminate against anyone.

Thus, the internet is a free territory for all people to express their ideas, opinions and comments on any subject. However, it is space that requires attention, caution, as it is a vehicle that can be dangerous and also used against people, that is, harming the image, the suitability. You should not damage anyone’s image or arouse suspicion about anyone. There too many crimes are committed.

However, our lives are increasingly closely linked in this technological world, where social networks play a major role, especially Facebook and WhatsApp, because they influence our daily lives, both positively and negatively. But what are these influences? Similarly, in the way that they provoke spontaneity in people, affection (in love exchanges), these features also make people colder and less sentimental. Things are said to others without measuring their feelings, their disappointments, such as their expressions of reproach, their mean mischief, their texts leaked out of spite or envy. Untruths are also said, such as: you are beautiful, charming, seductive, young, exuberant, etc., when the person receiving the compliment has none of these traits. Anyway, it’s a world of truth and lies. It is a game of pleasing and displeasing. While so many people compliment there are those big-eyed people weaving mean words. Social networks expose intimacies, that’s bad.

But it is undeniable that social networks can bring people together, can help spread someone’s work, can be an immeasurable source of knowledge exchange, can mobilize thousands of people to seek change for the common good. However, they can work for evil when they become an outlet for the heartaches and frustrations of one’s life. In fact, many people simply want to unload everything they feel, even what they eat and dream. With this they come to have a double life, one real and the other virtual. In the latter one loses oneself with oneself, no longer knows the real and true feelings; Real and true friends.

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John Paul
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