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Rigless Well Intervention 101

Rigless well intervention is a method for drilling and completing wells without needing a rig. The apparatus comprises an upper level 630 and an intermediate level 620. These levels are supported by a rotating member 611, connected to an exterior cylinder 312-rod 714. below are the things you need to know about rigless well intervention.

Rigless Well Intervention 101

An overview of rigless well intervention

Rigless well intervention services are performed without a conventional workover rig and are often used for downhole applications in live wells. Rigless interventions such as those offered by PRT Offshore deepwater well access can address various problems, including flow restrictions, sand production, mechanical failure, and access to additional hydrocarbon pay zones. They may also involve reservoir management and complete repair.

The rigless intervention apparatus may be built and transported and lifted into place on the wellhead. The rigless intervention apparatus offers several advantages over traditional rigs, including safety, minimal equipment, and a streamlined rig-up and rig-down process.


Rigless well intervention services are a growing field, providing services that don’t require a conventional workover rig. These techniques can be used on live wells for various applications. For example, intervention can be needed due to flow restrictions, sand production, mechanical failure, or other factors. It may also be necessary to access additional hydrocarbon pay zones. Some rigless well intervention techniques include reservoir management, re-entry drilling, and well surveillance.

Rigless well interventions apply to challenging projects such as those in the northern Caspian basin, where rigs are either unavailable or prohibitively expensive. These operations are often affected by harsh climate conditions, confined offshore installations, and strict safety regulations


Rigless well intervention techniques eliminate the need for traditional workover rigs and allow operators to perform downhole applications in live wells. In addition, this type of intervention is performed using a single supplier, minimizing cost and complexity. This method is preferred for markets where cost is sensitive and frequent intervention is a high priority.

This approach is most effective in sub-Saharan regions, where local content is a key concern. Moreover, rigless operations can be performed using a combination of the local and expatriate workforce.


The rigless well intervention (RWI) market comprises a variety of service providers. These include coiled tubing, wireline, and hydraulic workover units. The RWI service is an effective solution for geothermal projects. The rigless operation eliminates the need for a rig and minimizes cost and time. The mechanical success of a well intervention depends on the choice of downhole equipment. A conventional workover rig, which consists of a derrick and rotary table, is typically used for well intervention. However, mobilizing and operating an offshore rig is expensive. Rigless well intervention techniques are more cost-effective and can be performed on live wells.


The availability of rigless well intervention systems is increasing as more oil companies explore offshore reservoirs. This new technology provides highly efficient downhole interventions without needing a conventional rig. The growing offshore drilling activity and increasing demand for energy are driving the growth of the global rigless intervention systems market. The availability of rigless well intervention techniques is a key factor in determining the mechanical success of well intervention. A conventional workover rig typically consists of a derrick, rotary table, and heavy machinery. However, the cost of mobilizing a rig offshore is prohibitive and creates risks to the reservoir.

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