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Review:, Pioneer in Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence is exponentially growing with its use expanding in almost every industry’s business practice in the universe. With advanced technology, there are more and more discoveries with greater research, which brings about enhanced comprehension. Every day, Artificial Intelligence is finding its way into our daily lives. Imagine asking questions in a natural way about checking an account or withdrawing funds after opening a bank app on your phone. Sounds unbelievable? Believe it. The Ann Arbor AI company Clinc is making it possible. The company is expanding conversational artificial intelligence across the financial sector all over the world.

Clinc AI

Clinc Evolution 

Clinc was founded in 2015 by a competent and intriguing team. The original idea for the conversational AI company was out of a project to test the hypothesis that creating a cost-effective AI can offer a natural conversational virtual assistant experience. All this started in the University of Michigan classroom.

Five years later, Clinc was the most advanced conversational AI technology used in major financial institutions. As a result, the scientists received a huge amount of funding to advance their research from diverse sources. The company appeared among the top 25 AI companies in Forbes magazine.

Clinc is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the company executives are not planning to relocate the company. Ann Arbor is known as a great location for new technology startups.

Clinc AI Amazing Leadership

The new Chief Executive Officer, Chief Customer Officer, and Chief Marketing Office are game-changers.

John Newhard is the new Clinc CEO. He has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, managing enterprise software businesses in private equity. John Lichtenberg is the new CMO with more than 25 years of success in leading cross-functional teams to create brand equity. Mahesh Baxi will take on the Chief Customer Officer title, a new title in the Clinc ranks.

Finie- Clinc’s Innovative Technology 

Our customer experience in the banking and financial sector is no longer the same. All thanks to Finie, Clinc’s first creation. Finie is a voice-operated AI virtual assistant for financial services. Finie has vast knowledge about financial and banking services, including understanding financial vocabularies.

Clinc’s customers can now enjoy 24/7 customer service with the most advanced virtual assistant in the financial industry. When we call our bank or want to get in touch with customer service, we expect to talk to a real person to get help.

Finie plays the customer service assistant role perfectly. It’s like another human in the room. What are some of Finie’s capabilities? Finie is not another common chatbot. It is a whole customer service team that can answer more than 95% of customer inquiries without any need for human assistance. Whichever the number of requests you have, Finie will offer reliable service.

Finie exceeds our expectations, and it will answer you like a real human and still remember the details in future conversations. Forget the traditional Chatbox that can be frustrating. Offer real conversational AI services with Clinc products.

Clinc’s Success Rate 

Clinc AI understands very complex conversations and enables a wide variety of customer interactions. Customers can report stolen or lost cards, check balances, and transfer funds in a single interaction without the need for human help. An average of 82% customer satisfaction is ideal for any company looking for a reliable virtual assistant.

Who wouldn’t love a virtual assistant that completes proposed tasks successfully? Clinc AI technology has a 95% containment rate. This means the conversational AI can complete all tasks and fulfill customer’s needs without the need for a live human.

Why Choose Clinc Conversational AI 

Clinc is revolutionizing AI technology. It provides developers with tools, training resources, documentation, and reliable customer support teams to create custom solutions. With Clinc’s building blocks, there is no need for scripts or rules to build an outstanding conversational AI experience.

Clinc will improve customer wait time, eliminate the need for human service assistants, increase customer retention rate, and cut down operational overhead. Clinc is scaling new heights in the conversational AI world. Learn more about these pioneers at

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