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Reasons You Should Learn Node.js This Year

If you are an aspiring software programmer or even a seasoned coder, learning newer technologies will always benefit you in many ways. And when we talk about programming languages, JavaScript deserves special mention as one of the topmost preferred technologies across the world for many years now.

Reasons You Should Learn Node.js This Year

Closely developed using JavaScript is the Node.js framework, which is interestingly the most extensively used platform too. With trends in the global IT market showing that Node.js is among the most-wanted IT frameworks, industry experts in the top node js development company stress on reasons why learning Node.js should be a priority for modern IT professionals.

Let us find out what they have said.

  • Versatility of Node.js

Many of the industry veterans feel that Node.js might not be able to fetch you the highest paid job in the world. But they unanimously agree that Node.js offers the best opportunities to work on different kinds of project. This is only because Node.js is a versatile platform based on which many other technology frameworks have been developed. And using it, companies can develop applications of various kinds.

So if you are worried about being stuck with working on the same technology year after year, then learning Node.js can open up multiple possibilities. You can look forward to beating stagnation at work, by working on different projects.

  • js preferred by top companies

It is the dream of every software programmer to work with the top-level companies at some point in their career. The eagerness to innovate, and be associated with the biggest names in the industry can be achieved by learning Node.js. To cite a few examples, big shot companies like Uber, LinkedIn, Netflix and many others prefer Node.js.

It is worthwhile to mention a few things about Node.js, why it is the top choice at the enterprise level. Node.js is known to offer excellent scalability to applications without impacting performance. In fact, Node.js is employed particularly keeping high-performance delivery as the focus. Besides, it also offers advantages in caching which in turn boost the application performance.

There are more advantages to learning Node.js, which makes it a hot choice today.

  • Plenty of job opportunities

One of the primary things that we associate with learning new technologies is its demand in the market, and whether there are enough openings for skilled resources. So you must also be curious to know if learning Node.js can really help you bag a job. Well, the good news is that if you compare other server-side technologies, you can clearly demarcate the rising demand for Node.js. In fact, experts say that it is also a good idea to learn Node.js even if one has been working so far on the client-side technology; Node.js is great for developing both frontend and backend.

Moreover, for real-time applications and data-intensive IoT devices, Node.js is considered to be the most suitable programming language among others. The importance of these applications in today’s era will continue to grow, thus there will be no dearth in demand for Node.js developers.

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