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Reasons You Should Computerize the Maintenance Processes in Your Business

Computer systems continue to change how operations are done at the workplace. If you run a busy organization, then you are sure to be grateful for all the convenience that the many computer software solutions bring. If you have to carry out a lot of maintenance tasks, then you will be glad to know that there is a software program that can help you achieve these tasks without much hassle.

The computerized maintenance management system or CMMS is a software solution that helps you better manage the maintenance processes in your organization. Through this system, you are able to plan better, as well as have seamless processes that guarantee timely maintenance. There are many reasons why you should integrate this solution to your business. However, before looking at the reasons, it is good to know what this solution is all about.

Maintenance Processes in Your Business

  • What is computerized maintenance management system?

This software solution utilizes computerized applications that focus on the management of maintenance processes. It works by keeping a database of information that deals with the maintenance of operations. The information contained in this database helps you to do your job effectively. You will realize that when dealing with a given number of machinery, manually keeping up with their maintenance can become a problem.

The computerized solution allows you to schedule the maintenance better. The good thing is that it covers a wide range of machinery that requires maintenance regardless of the type of machine. It suits different industries and can therefore work in a heavily mechanized plant, or even in a company running a large fleet of cars. The application does not just cover machine maintenance, but also covers a broad range of industrial assets, and other properties that require maintenance.

The good part is that it is possible to get a package that suits a specific industry. Choosing the right vendor is the first step to getting a suitable solution for your business. However, you need to look for a vendor that will offer customized solutions best suiting the assets you are managing such as Axxerion’s computerized maintenance management system, to name one (One can even request for demo that can save you thousands). The solution will ease how you carry out your management tasks for more effective results.

The right vendor will provide you with support services that allow the solution to work even better for you. Availability of tech support gives you an assurance of help when the application does not work as it should. The response should be swift as any bugs will hinder your operations. The technicians should also be well trained and knowledgeable about the product.

By now, you have realized that getting this software solution is a good idea. Here are further reasons why you should take the first step in finding a suitable one for your business.

  • Better asset management

The assets that you have are what will help in the generation of profits. Keeping track of these assets is important for any business. The maintenance management software will help you do this efficiently. It allows you to have a full record of all the assets under your control. The features of this software include: status, location, asset type, invoice details, work order, priority status, and many other options that will make asset management easier.

From this information, you can easily plan maintenance service as you can easily tell when maintenance for each asset is due. Having the information in one place makes planning easier. You are also able to source for parts beforehand, as you will easily tell what you need, as well as the quantities. This software solution does not just work well internally, it also comes in handy when you have to provide repair and maintenance services for customers.

Using the software makes it easier for you to plan your operations better. For example, when there is a scheduled maintenance, you can scale down production processes. As the software allows for multiple users and cloud computing, you will always know what is going on at a supervisory level.

  • More preventative than reactive maintenance

Without computerized management, it was hard to carry out maintenance tasks beforehand. In most cases, you only thought of maintenance after the asset broke down. However, with computerized solutions, you are able to do the maintenance in advance before things get out of hand. The problem with reactive maintenance is that there is a real danger of the machinery getting damaged. You will end up paying more for repairs that you would have otherwise avoided.

Scheduled maintenance ensures you change the parts that get easily worn out. It also entails cleaning to remove dust and other debris that may hinder the proper working of the machinery. When maintenance does not take place when it should, the machine or equipment becomes sluggish. Further delays only cause damage, as the machine will work harder to compensate for the poor performance of the worn out parts. This in turn leads to the damage of other parts of the machine. Preventative maintenance will arrest any damage before it occurs. It also increases the machine’s lifespan.

  • Enhanced cost control

Lowering your costs will help to increase your profits. The computerized solution provides you with this benefit in a number of ways. You are able to carry out the needed maintenance on time. This is useful as it means that your machine will not break down due to lack of proper maintenance. You will not incur  high costs to carry out the repair as this would cost more than regular maintenance would. Sometimes, you may even have to write off the machine.

The replacement cost is very high and could have been avoided with timely maintenance. Maintenance helps the machine to operate at optimum levels. When it is not operating optimally, it will be slower, and will therefore require more power than is necessary. You will find that your energy bills go up in such instances. Having all your machines operating at their best prevents this overworking that would see your energy bills hike significantly. You lower your costs with timely scheduled maintenance, made easy by the software solution.

  • More productivity

With the software, you will find that your staff and operations are more productive. The technicians know what they need to do at any given time. It becomes easy for them to carry out the maintenance on time as they can easily tell which machines are due for service. They also know which work to prioritize at any given time. With proper planning, they carry out the tasks seamlessly.

The integrated system links all vital departments together. You will have a database with information on the spare parts that are available in stock, and where to get them when you have to build up your stock. You will therefore know when you are running low on stock and get the required quantity on time without hindering the scheduled service. With proper following of the scheduled service, you can plan your operations well. You will know when to up production especially when all your machines are operating at their best, and cover more ground this way.

  • Easy to meet regulatory and safety requirements

Complying with regulations allows you to operate within the confines of the law. Keeping up with these regulations can sometimes be a challenge. With computerized systems, you are in a position to do this without much of a problem. You can carry out scheduled checks that allow you to maintain the legal requirements within your business. Safety checks are also important as without them you expose your workers, business, and others to harm.

Systems such as the fire alarms, extinguishers and HVAC are important, and as such should work at their best at all times. Ensuring they get the scheduled service gives you peace of mind that your business is safe at all times. You may overlook the dates of service, and find out just how costly that is when a fire breaks out and you cannot put it out. The computerized software enables you to easily factor in these maintenance needs to your operations.

  • Easy planning of resources and staff

It becomes easy to assign resources and tasks when you know what needs to be done. With the help of the maintenance management software, you can easily know which work needs priority attention, and what you can leave pending for a while. You are therefore in the best position to plan the resources you have. You will find that it becomes less of a headache to plan as you will not find surprise tasks that needed urgent attention. These can easily disrupt your plans.

The same unplanned for task will not cause inconvenience as you will have already assigned work to your staff members. You will therefore not have to pull your staff from another important task in order to deal with the one arising. With the computerized solution, you will not have to worry about delays because you lack resources or staff to carry out the required service. Even when maintenance services overlap, you will be aware of this and plan for the necessary resources and workers early enough.

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