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Reasons Why You Should Install an App Locker

Install an App Locker

The app locker is one of the strongest apps that can protect the privacy of your device. This app would also help you to keep your mobile secure. Nonetheless, if you want to protect your device from unknown people, you must have this app in your smart phone.

You may not want to lock your entire smart phone with a PIN, but lock only selected apps. If unknown people try to access them, it will show a fake crash dialog box. Therefore, you can protect the selected apps without letting them know that your applocker is protecting them. You can download Hexlock app lock that can even prevent other users to use Internet on your device.

Benefits of Installing an App locker

  • Free of cost

    The app locker is free, that is you can install it free of cost without any extra charges. You just need a good internet connection that would allow quick and easy download of the app on your smart phone.

  • User friendly Interface

    This app is easy to use, you just need to set password and select the apps that you want to protect. All the selected apps would be protected with your desire pattern or pin. Quick lock button would help you to easily turn off or on the protection of the selected apps on your smart phone.

  • Authorized access only

    It can help to protect your device from being accessed by unknown people in your absence. It assures that all the secured apps cannot be accessed without permission. It can also help you if you lose your smart phone accidentally, as it can give you assurance that no private data is accessed by unknown people.

  • Secured

    You don’t need to worry about your data even if you are giving your smart phone to children. With the help of an app locker, you can store all your important data in the secured apps and can relax that your data is safe all the time.

  • Authorized internet connection only.

    It can prevent others to use internet on your smart phone in your absence. It not only protects your device, but also helps to save expensive data packs. This feature can always come in handy if the wifi is not available at your home or work. The mobile data packs are usually very expensive, so you can save the data and can prevent any unauthorized internet connection to internet from your smart phone.

  • Lock system settings

    The important advantage of an applocker is that you can even lock your system settings. Changing the system settings can influence your device and can make it unusable. You need not worry if you are giving your smart phone to a child, as you can lock the settings and those privacy settings can only be changed by you.

  • Uninstall permissions

    Another important benefit of installing an app locker is that it can prevent anyone else from using and uninstalling the applications from smart phone. The applocker itself cannot be uninstalled from your smart phone without your permission.


Gone are the days when people used the mobiles to communicate. You need to accept that smart phone has brought the world to the fingertips. However, it is important that you prevent unknown people to access important information on your smart phone and this is why you need an applocker.

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