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Reasons Why Electronic Books Are Better Than Paper Books

Reading has been always popular among people. Local book shops are packed with a great variety of colorful books wrapped into the attractive covers. Undoubtedly, flipping the pages of a real book, feeling the smell of a brand new publication is a genuine pleasure for avid book worms but what about convenience? Nowadays, previously widespread tendency to put loads of heavy books on the shelves in order to show your intelligence come to decline. Moreover, we have already stepped into the era of digitalization, so instead of spending much money on the pair of the paper books which after being read will only transfer into the dust storage, isn’t it better to equip yourself with an electronic book?

Reasons Why Electronic Books Are Better Than Paper Books

What is an E-book?

An electronic book (or E-book) – is a device specially created for the book reading. It belongs to the group of highly specialized tablet computers enabling you to read, view, edit and store documents. An e-book differs from a regular tablet with longer battery life, as well as it includes a special screen made using E-link technology (“e-paper” or “e-ink”) which has no effect on your eye-sight. The e-book screen does not light up on its own, it looks like a regular sheet of paper, so reading in the dark equals the typical paper book reading.

Some of the newly appeared E-books possess a highly sensitive touch screen, which makes the use of such devices even more convenient. Besides, a number of E-books allow its users not only to download different books. For instance, you can easily download your favorite Rihanna’s song, check South African online casinos list or just browse through the latest news, as modern E-books have access to the Internet. And those are only a few general characteristics.

Reasons Why Electronic Books Are Better Than Paper Books

Advantages of E-books

Look through the main advantages of electronic books and you will understand the reason they are  better than books:

  • E-books occupy less space

An enormous prerogative of electronic books is definitely their small size. You can download thousands of beloved books and read them simultaneously at any time you want. Imagine having the whole library collected in your pocket! Especially, E-books are sufficiently convenient while traveling as you can spare free space in your suitcase.

  • Accessibility

Some people are so fond of reading, that they are able to swallow a book within a few days. So what is the use of buying a paper one? A plethora of books can be found and purchased on the Internet and having an E-book allows you to pay for the book and get it immediately without waiting for months when it will be delivered. With electronic books, you can start reading the next book as soon as you finish the first one and that is absolutely awesome.

  • Enjoy embarrassing novels in public

E-books allow you to read whatever you want without being judged by people. Feel free to enjoy some trashy stuff even in public places. It’s known fact that lots of people prefer reading while getting to work in public transport or just sitting alone in the café and sometimes it can be disturbing when someone tries to chat with you when you just try to concentrate on the book.

  • Simple navigation

The electronic book is an absolute miracle in terms of navigation. After making some bookmarks or notes in the book, you can also effortless navigate through hyperlinks and with the help of the search function at no time find necessary information within a second.

As you see, E-books have lots of advantages but only you deciding what to buy and it’s clear that preferences are individual.

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