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A Guide For Students Studying Accountancy Class 12

Accountancy subject for class 12 has numerous subfields or concepts, including management accounting, auditing, taxation, financial accounting, and accounting information systems. There are many technical rules for studying accountancy efficiently, but, hard work and desire to learn tops all the rules otherwise it can be very tedious.

A Guide For Students Studying Accountancy Class 12

We have listed a few study guide that will help students obtain the maximum results.

1. Read Your TextBook

Studying accountancy textbook is different, unlike studying other subjects textbooks such as economics, history, or biology.

  • It is important to understand the concepts. It is advised to read the concept until the student understands its basic meaning.
  • Accountancy is like maths, each of its concepts is built upon one another. For instance, what you learn in chapter 2 is build on what you have learned in chapter 1. If you don’t understand chapter 1 it will difficult to understand the rest of the chapters.
  • Every concept and sentence is important while studying class 12 Accountancy, so, scanning text and reading doesn’t work here.
  1. Read to understand “WHY”

Understanding a concept is important in accountancy but memorizing isn’t. However, accountancy being a logical subject it demands a student to understand “Why”.

  • Accountancy is a technical subject, everything here is logical, therefore it requires reasoning.
  • Try to understand and explain yourself, ” why they do that” or “Why it is like this” If a student can understand “WHY” in accounting, then half of the problems are solved.
  • Explain each concept in your own words. Writing new ideas or concept in own words will help understand the concept more deeply than reciting others word hundred times.
  1. Work to understand “How”

After understanding ” why they do that”, the student must understand “how did they do that”.

  • Students should understand how a concept works, practice it and be able to implement them. TS Grewal solutions class 12 will give you the best-solved solution to understand the “How” concept deeply.
  • Work on each problem yourself before checking the answer. Most of the problems are given to make students understand “how”. 
  1. Review both “Why” and “How”
  • Review concepts, notes, and rework on a problem again.

For a better understanding of each concept and its problems refer TS Grewal solutions class 12 for accountancy.

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