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Reasons for Your Bakery to Invest in Cake Boxes

When you are running a bakery, a may operate as a sit-in café or as a takeaway for passers-by. Indeed, it is possible and profitable to offer both options to your customers so that everyone is happy.

Invest in Cake Boxes

But, one problem that has always existed when you offer fresh cakes and treats for your takeaway customers is how can you ensure their goodies are going to survive the journey home? How can you ensure that a cake as a present is not ruined on the way to the party? Well, you can start offering your takeaway customers their treats in cake boxes. While this can seem like an extra expense at first, it is one of the best ones you can make. Let’s take a look at reasons for your bakery to invest in cake boxes. 

They Offer Protection

Offering cakes and sweet treats in paper bags just does not cut it. First of all, the appearance of a cake can be ruined in a paper bag. All of the icing can end up stuck inside and the time the sweet treat is home, it no longer looks appetising. This does not reflect well on your bakery and wastes all the hard work you have done. Then there is the fact that a paper bag offers no protection for cakes. It can end up getting all bashed and broken up, which is going to leave the customer disappointed when they go to enjoy it.

You want to make sure that all of the goodies you offer look amazing. The best way you can do this is by offering cake boxes to take away. Cardboard boxes are sturdy and offer protection on all sides. This is going to make your customer a lot happier.

A Good Opportunity to Advertise

There are a number of reasons why cake boxes make a good investment and reflect well on your business. but, one of the benefits that you can enjoy is that it is a fantastic way to advertise and get your brand out there. When customers are carrying around your bespoke cake boxes that you can have designed at IPW1, others will be able to see your branding. Not only does this create an amazing unboxing experience for your customers, but it also gets the word out about your bakery. Make sure that you have an attractive design for the cake boxes and this can work well for your business.

They are Cost-Effective

A number of people are under the impression that cake boxes are very expensive. But, considering how many benefits they can offer your business, they are actually very cost-effective. In particular, they can be bought in bulk to keep prices down. Even if you choose to have your brand and images printed onto the cake boxes, they are not as expensive as you think. They are worth the investment since it can reflect so well on your business.

They are Lightweight

Do you transport cakes to your customers? Then you need some good packaging that is going to get cakes and goodies to your customers in one piece. But, you also want to make it easy to transport them. The good thing about cake boxes is that they are lightweight. This makes it easy to carry and transport them around. So, this is going to be preferable if you have a delivery service for your bakery. It even makes it easy for customers to collect and take away sweet treats from your business. They are often made from plastic and cardboard so that they offer protection but without being too heavy to carry.

They Are Adaptable

You really can make your cake boxes unique. Of course, you can have a design printed on them. This is going to make you not only stand out from the competition, but also make your brand instantly recognisable. You can even adapt a cake box to make it different. For instance, you can choose from different sizes and shapes so that it is better for the sweet treats that you offer in your bakery. The more effort you put into your cake boxes, the more that customers are going to like them. It is now proven that customers are after more than just cheap goods. Instead, they are looking for a whole experience and the little details count. Take your time to create a cake box that is going to impress your customers to reap the rewards.

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