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Raspberry Shake 4D: The Device That Keeps Tabs On Earth’s Vibrations

In the past few years, technology has attained a whole new level in terms of innovation. At present, we have a broad array of devices that are useful in several ways making the everyday task easier. One such device is a “tracker.” We almost have tracking devices for a variety of parameters, such as temperature, pressure, radon levels, just to mention a few. But, as you may know, it is difficult to track tremors. Now, we also have a solution for it—the Raspberry Shake 4D, a specialized personal Earth monitoring tool and an update to previous year’s Raspberry Shake with few more sensors for surplus sensitivity.

The original Raspberry Shake by Osop has by now been implemented by professional seismologists, comprising the Oklahoma Geological Survey, which took on board 100 to add to the coverage of its early earthquake warning network.

The Raspberry Shake 4D gives individuals the capability to actually notice unseen vibrations that occur all around, as well as the huge ones that actually jiggle things up. These movements of the Earth affect all of us in some or the other way, the more severe ones hitting the news with rising frequency. And now these actions are no longer restricted to just “natural” activities such as landslides, earthquakes, and sinkholes. Human factors are increasingly becoming more obvious with deep well waste water fracking and injection, nuclear blast testing, quarry explosions—practices that have influenced several around the world directly.

Osop’s CEO, Branden Christensen, said, “The Raspberry Shake 4D is so profound that there is continually something to perceive, even the enjoyable things that you never assumed possibly, such as cheering crowds at a football game or local concert, rush-hour traffic, and even loud neighbors with skinny walls.”

The device’s 4D version features 4x the input sensors of the actual version, Raspberry Shake, and assures twice the output. The device’s designer, Ángel Rodríguez, said, “Now it is likely to perceive twofold the array of vibrations through all dimensions (vertically and laterally) making it the most powerful 4D personal seismograph in actuality.”

This device can be useful in the earthquake prone areas, isn’t it? So, if you are seeking to encourage a growing pursuit in geology and the ever-moving globe around you, this may simply be the tool to get you ongoing on your voyage. The Raspberry Shake 4D is obtainable for pre-order for $300 on Kickstarter and is scheduled to start delivery in October.


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