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QacQoc is a tech company of Chinese origin located in Shenzhen, China. It is a rapidly growing brand which offers electronics of different ranges to her customers. QacQoc provides the market with electronics and mobile tech accessories of solid and reliable build as well as beautiful designs.


One thing most people cannot do without in this 21st century, especially techies, is internet connectivity, it is key to achieve quite a lot. However, some laptops provide you with all you need to connect to the internet with more USB ports than you can ever use, while others are deficient in supply. QacQochave provided a solution to this for those of us facing this annoying challenge.

This review is about one of QacQoc’s products, a range of the USB C HUB, the GN30H. The intent of this is to provide you with sufficient information about this tech device.



– Intelligent power delivery. The power delivery of this device can provide between 14.5V and 20V, this is enough to transfer data while charging devices simultaneously. It is usable of ChromeBook Pixel, MacBook and several other USB C devices.

– Multifunctional hub. The GN30H is one of the most multifunctional USB C adapters on the market. It has all the necessary ports provided, they include:

  • One HDMI output port
  • Three USB 3.0 ports
  • One SD card slot
  • One TF card slot
  • One Gigabit Ethernet port

– Fast data transfer and free access. You have access to any file from any of your devices like mobile phone, SD card, micro SD card, etc. freely from the device. You can also connect your mouse and keyboard to the device for more flexible input and control. The Ethernet port provides superfast incredible network connection all at the same time.

– No more heating and more stable connection. The newly installed heat radiating system makes it possible to plug and use the device without having to worry about heat production. Also improved is the access plug which ensures that you can plug the device into the computer system and be sure of uninterrupted connection even from the slightest of movements.


Making use of the Ethernet

To enjoy the Ethernet function of this device, you may need to download the driver, you can search for the link online.


– The device has a glowing blue light which shows that it is connected and ready for use. This way you are sure if you properly connected the device or not.

– All the USB 3.0 ports are easily accessible and they work flawlessly. There is an instant notification of connected devices.

– The device can transfer up to 10 Gbps. Older devices were only able to transfer up to 5Gbps.

– You can use several devices on the hub at the same time without it flinching.

– It has the ability to make videos clearer as well as improve image quality.


– The micro SD slot needs the card to be pressed properly before it is locked in place. This might be a challenge for people with large fingers.

– It is not compatible with Samsung TabPro S, Asus Zenbook3 and Transformer 3Pro.

Final verdict

The device presents optimal quality and can be recommended as a good buy. It very affordable so can be used by all classes of the society.

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