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Protect Data in Cloud Servers

Users of hard disks have wrongly placed their data storage disks in past and therefore they could not recover their confidential data when their computers are caught under crashing. More numbers of businesses and individuals are now moving towards storing data in cloud servers. While some confidential data is needed to be sent to cloud servers across world for storage, it is very important to ensure whether it is not given to any unauthorized people to access.

A company should use encryption and few privacy settings to avoid anti-social elements. It is one of the most important criteria which you need to look at servers. It might be impossible for people to do something which they are able to do now with cloud. The only way to find, if any unauthorized people is accessing your file is creating two versions of same file. It may take few hours for successful completion unless you assign same task to two different people and asked them to work on specific workstations.

Protect Data in Cloud Servers

Back-ups are important rule which is needed to be given preference before investing money in any software program. No one needs to download any special back-up program or to install them. With Cloud, it is possible to take back-up without putting external effort. It also enables one to recover the deleted file or corrupted files as you use server.

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Data Security using Cloud Server Backup

Anyone will find chance to access any file regarding business from any work station. Note that, it is an important criterion to be looked at on cloud server. It may be difficult to achieve with personal server account. With the presence of business account, it is very easy to achieve this. Business account will give privilege as per report which was created while cloud storage owner reviewed Carbonite. It will enable lot of people to access any file across company.

About Carbonite:

Carbonite provides infinite cloud storage at affordable cost price. This service will be highly intuitive. Carbonite provides essential features needed like automatic cloud back-up, external hard drive back-up and courier recovery service. If you just look for back-up service to store data on online, it is the best choice. Apart from its presence in personal applications, it also offers few applications for business purposes. This service will allow you to take back-up of data from unlimited SAN, NAS and EHD servers. As a business user, you may be happy to know that Carbonite follows most of guidelines.

There are several advantages of Carbonite and they are,

  • Infinite storage space
  • Continuous Back-up
  • Bandwidth throttle
  • Private encryption
  • Window explorer integration
  • Mobile app

It not only takes back-up of data as per folders, it also scans and chooses data as per file extensions. If you choose to take back-up for all images, carbonite will not just look in main photos folder, will search whole image files present on disc. It may confuse any one, but this option will be extremely helpful, while you are not interested in going back to app every time as you want to upload a file.

Network Security using SSL

In cloud computing environment all information are travelling over the internet and it is essential to secure sensitive information from sniffing eyes. SSL (secure socket layer) / TLS (transport layer security) certificate can provide maximum protection to the transmitted data using robust encryption technology which means no one can interrupt communications between the browser and the server. SSL encryption is the commanding solution to avoid man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping attacks in the cloud network.

The information security as well as raise consumer trust are major needs for every sort of business either it is small, large or medium. SSL offers maximum security to the sites, enlarged and authentication in order to supervise the business reputations as well as improve confidence in order to motivate the client along with HTTPS. SSL is specially developed for the web application security in order to accomplish a safe surrounding in the period of the cyber globe.

There are a countless number of SSL certificate service providers offer robust security solutions for an online websites and applications. If you wish to improve your business quality and like to get complete secure solutions for your online business then you have to prefer reliable SSL certificate provider like, SSL2BUY.

About SSL2BUY:

SSL2BUY is authorized resellers of foremost certificate authorities & provide you a wide array of the brand at an affordable price. They have many years of experiences on SSL field and also provide an affordable SSL certificate in order to beat the competition. Hence, why must you wait to purchase or else renew SSL certificate? Simply start to browse on the official websites to obtain a single solution along with robust encryption in order to secure your complete business.

  • All leading SSL brands under the single sunlight.
  • Wide-range of certificate products at inexpensive price.
  • 8 out of 5 customer satisfaction ratio.
  • 30 days full money back guarantee.
  • Free sales, technical and installation support – 24/7.

If you decide to buy any SSL then it is necessary for you to visit the official website of SSL2BUY in order to avail real benefits. There are several numbers of different brand appears on the website apart from those choose the well suitable and required SSL in order to secure your online business. Don’t bother regarding the price of the brands; it surely comes under your budget price.


In this article, we describe the security functions in the cloud server environment whether information stored in the cloud server and convey across the internet. We all are already aware about current cyber crimes and data thieves; data security is most anxious function for online businesses. Encryption plays significant role for data security in the sharing and distribution channel, we rely on Secure Socket Layer Protocol which is based on RSA algorithm for encryption and decryption of data which run through internet connections.

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