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Professional Tips On How To Write An Assignment

Does writing an assignment cause creative torment? Does the phrase “write my coursework cheap” make your heart beats faster? No matter how much you puff on the text, and the result is low-grade writing? Do not despair!

Professional Tips On How To Write An Assignment

This school creative work is based on the presentation of their thoughts and views on a particular topic. Usually, the student is required to show the knowledge of the artistic text, understanding the problems that are raised in it. Your goal is too competently, affordable and, if possible, expresses a personal position on the topic, backed up with quotations from the text. Act in stages, and you will succeed.

The important parts of the assignment

A well-designed assignment should consist of three main parts:

  1. Introduction,
  2. Content,
  3. Conclusion.

The essay aims to open the topic in accordance with the questions posed.

We write the essay correctly:

  • If we need to write the most ordinary school essay, then consider it here as an illustrative example.
  • We will adhere to the three (classical) main parts: introduction; content; conclusion.

Introductory part

     The introductory part introduces the reader to the subject of the essay and leads to the disclosure of the main aspects of the work. You can describe the title of the theme of the essay, reveal the essence of the title, ask a question, the answer to which will be revealed in the substantive part and summarized in conclusion.

     For example, an essay is being written on the theme “The nature of the native land.” Describe in the introduction what the native nature is remarkable for, and why the beauty of the nature of the native land served as the subject of the essay. If an essay on the topic of the seasons, describe why the season in question was the subject of the essay, how this period affects you, what attracts and, perhaps, a favorite season of the year attracts particular sympathy.

Content part

The purpose of writing an essay is a deeper understanding of the topic and memorization of useful information. In addition, when we are working on an essay, we develop the skills of organization and purposefulness, which is useful not only in school.

Choose a topic

Now let’s formulate the topic. Sometimes the teacher gives it to you specifically, sometimes offers to choose from a large list of topics, and sometimes leaves you complete freedom of choice, if only the abstract was in the program of the course under study. When choosing a topic, the main thing is to be guided by your interest. If the topic is close and interesting, writing an essay on it will go quickly and with pleasure, even if in essence it is deeper and more complex than others.

You should also consider the availability of literature. If you have time to think, it is better to note for yourself two or three topics (not more) and look for already existing works of researchers. On which topic there will be a lot of quality material, that one and choose.

The most modern and “lazy” way of selecting literature is the Internet. To search for information, we enter the site of one of the recognized search engines, such as Yandex, Google, Rambler, and others, and enter keywords on our topic. It is best to search not just any information on this topic, but electronic versions of textbooks and scientific articles. In this case, the information will be reliable and truly scientific. All articles and sections of books found on the Internet should be saved in one folder, clearly naming each source, although the temptation to quickly copy and just how to save and great. This will further save time when searching for the necessary thesis. Do not neglect the library, because it is often there that it is possible to find the main material, and information from the world wide web will become auxiliary.

Structure of the abstract

The volume of the abstract is usually 7-15 pages, in rare cases up to 20. A standard abstract traditionally consists of several parts:

1.title page;

2.table of contents or plan;


4.main part;


6.list of references.

Title page. When you make a title page, only the requirements of your school are taken into account, because the form can vary. In order not to redo it later, it is better to ask for a sample of design from your teacher in advance. It is necessary to draw up the title page very carefully so that there are no typos. If errors and typographical errors may well go unnoticed inside the work, the “face” of the essay must be immaculate. Page number on the title page is not put.

Introduction. It may consist of one paragraph and may take a page and a half. Its main goal is to introduce the reader to the essence of the problem. The introduction justifies the choice of the topic (why it is important), its relevance. Outline the goals and objectives of the work. If necessary, we make a brief review of the sources used. If you initially failed to write the introduction, it can be done after writing the conclusion, when all thoughts are systematized and received the final design.

Main part. Before you start writing the main part, you need to decide on the names

Conclusion. In conclusion, the general conclusions on the main topic are summarized, and a personal view of the problem and its solution is presented.

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