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Point Of Sale Software For Small Business Of Ehopper Review

Today, the point of sale (POS) system is chosen by most business owners to help them run their business smoothly. eHopper is one of the leading providers of point of sale software for small business with a unique and trustful system to make sure you get the best of it.

Point Of Sale Software For Small Business Of Ehopper Review

Why Choosing eHopper for Your Business?

There are many reasons to make eHopper as the first choice when you are looking for a POS software provider. It can work on all devices including Windows PC, androids, and iOS. The point of sale software for small business offered by the company comes with various benefits to offer.

1.Simple and Easy to Use

Setting up eHopper only requires simple steps and the software is really easy to use, even if you are a new player in the business. The intuitive menus and widgets of the eHopper software are easy to access and navigate. Due to the ease offered by the software, you do not even need any training to operate the system well. It is really practical since you can control your business anytime and from anywhere now by using the software.

2. Provide Instant Access to All of Your Business Data

The POS system provided by eHopper will also make it possible for you to get instant access to all of your business data anytime you need. This is because the software will help you to collect and host all the important data relates to your transactions and customers. In this way, you do not need to be worried anymore about losing important data caused by the server crash. The based – storage of eHopper is absolutely secure, safe, and stable. Plus, the software also allows you to act as you are handling your business for the day even though you are not around since you can log it in real time.

3. All – in – One Software Solution for Small Business Management

The POS system of eHopper is all – in – one software solution for business management. With the system, you will be able to keep track of your expenses, monitor your employees’ time clocks, as well as manage your inventory. The eHopper software will help you to keep informed of all the things related to your business operation.

The Features of Hopper’s POS System

eHopper’s software comes with various interesting features to give your business the attention needed to run smoothly.

1. Order Management

With the order management feature, the software will work to manage your orders and monitor the fulfillment. The POS system will also help you to make sure that the employees do their responsibility to complete the orders.

2. Payment

The feature of Hopper can help you process various kinds of payment include debit card, credit card and cash in full EMV compliance. It is also possible for the customers to pay through Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

3. Inventory

The inventory feature is specially designed to help you keep track of the current stock of your inventory and identify what product is mostly bought by the customers. In this way, you will be able to identify the most popular product in your business and increase your profit.


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