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Podcasts You Should Be Investing Your Time in This Year

There are new podcasts to listen to every year, but in 2019 people are starting to really recognize the benefits of them. They sort of share a resemblance to budgeting apps because of their convenience. Podcasts outweigh almost any other stream of intellectual content there is because again, you can listen anywhere. Whether it be in your car, in the bed, riding a bike, or jogging, podcasts have captivated the minds of on-the-go people by being an instant service. Also, with more people getting inclined to not just listening podcast but creating as well, several new platforms such as Captivate (read Captivate review) are making their way for podcasters to upload their creativity and work. Also, while there are so many podcasts to choose from, there are two genres that we think should be on your list at all times.

Podcasts You Should Be Investing

The Genres: Entrepreneurship and Health


  1. Entrepreneurs on Fire

For beginning in 2017 (not necessarily an early start), this podcast has taken off as an award winning highlight for entrepreneurs in any area of life. Whether you’re newer to the game, wanting to branch out, or your grandfathered in, it offers countless interviews of professionals who are currently killing it. It’ll give you the ins and outs of achieving financial freedom!

  1. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

If you’re familiar with Stanford University, you’re aware that the college has a close connection with many entrepreneurial start-ups, which kind of makes for an outstanding podcast choice in our eyes. Experienced individuals are interviewed at the university to share their knowledge and thought processes while learning and innovating new ideas into their businesses.

  1. The Champion Entrepreneur

This podcast is a platform where any person involved in businesses can go to for inspiration and motivation. Let’s be honest, we all need some inspiration in our lives because it’s one of the very things that keeps business thriving. This will give you the courage to actually put your ideas into perspective, as well as help you gain the momentum to put those ideas into action. 


  1. The Health Code

The Health Code isn’t rated five stars for no reason. If you could guess it correctly, it’s about health in a non-boring  type of way, and it was created to creatively inform its audience in a zesty and fun manner. It was created in 2018 by YouTuber Sarah Day who is a personal trainer and content creator, and her goal is to inspire people within their lifestyles, work lives, and relationships.

  1. The Savvy Psychologist’s Quick

When this podcast was created, the idea was to take a different approach to your average health podcast. These episodes are based off research, from the host Dr. Ellen Hendriksen, regarding the reasoning behind people’s fear, anxiety, and other things that affect health on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a podcast that isn’t solely based on opinion, this is your go to!

  1. The Energy Healing Podcast

If you’re into the holistic side of things, this is perfect for you. Tara Williams created the podcast in 2016, and her main focus was to create a channel people could come to in hopes of understanding that they already have the tools they need to heal. The more you listen, the more you’ll learn techniques for decreasing fear and anxiety from well-experienced coaches.

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