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Five Essential Tools You Need To Start Creating Podcasts

You do not need expensive equipment to start creating podcasts. As long as you have a great idea and a way to record, you are ready to get started. In your podcasting journey, a few things will help you get started. Below are some of the key and practical tools to help you begin your podcasting journey.

Need To Start Creating Podcasts

  1. Content

This is the most crucial piece in the podcasting field. Without content, you will have no podcast. There are vital things to put into consideration when coming up with content. The content you settle on should fit well with the business’s vision, goals, and mission. One thing that draws the attention of your audience is content that has helpful information. With that kind of content, you will not experience any severe drawbacks in marketing. Consistency is another critical thing. If your content is talking of something specific, be consistent in talking about that same thing. For example, if you decide to revolve around cats, do not go off and start talking about monkeys unless the two are somehow connected. Interviews are common in podcast episodes. When bringing a quest to interview them, make sure their content is also in line with your podcast.

  1. Computer Or Smartphone

The next important thing is to find a way to record your podcast. Thanks to today’s technology, you can record from almost all the devices. For example, a Digital Audio Workstation( DAW), Gareband and audacity, is one of the most recommended and highly effective tools in recording your podcast. The most pleasing thing about a Digital Audio Workstation is that it has all the tools required to record and edit all your episodes. For interviews, some internet-based platforms are highly recommended, for example, Riverside FM, Zencastr, and Zoom SquadCast. Internet-based platforms only allow for recording, downloading the file to your computer, and uploading it to the Digital Audio Workstation for editing. With the improvement in technology, other platforms have essential editing tools.

If you do not have a computer, your smartphone might help you. You can use the voice recorder app or download an app specifically meant for podcasting.

  1. Project Management Tool

A project management tool is necessary for keeping your episodes organized. If you are consistent, you will realize that podcast episodes involve many small details that need to stay organized. There are many project management tools, for example, Asana, that is highly effective. You can purchase some of those tools like Asana from Templana and, in return, make your workflow smooth. By using such tools, you will get an assurance of being organized and consistent in releasing episodes.

  1. Hosting Platform

You also need a hosting platform. Without one, your podcast will not exist. Hosting platforms are middlemen between you and the distribution platforms like Google, Apple, and Spotify. Once you upload your content to the hosting platform, it will share it to the distribution platforms through a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed. There are numerous hosting platforms out there. Your only task is to choose one. To determine the best platform for your content, you have to understand your goals then settle for one that fits your budget.

There are different price ranges for these platforms, and you only have to choose one that suits your pockets.

  1. Video Transcription Services

Video transcription is a platform that offers numerous benefits when it comes to entertainment, marketing, and communication. It is pretty impossible for a search engine to index a video. Therefore an online transcription of videos greatly helps SEO. This makes it easier to find your content and, as a result, expand your audience base. An online transcription service will make the message of your content clearer. By utilization of time stamping, your audience is assured of easy navigation. The most pleasing thing about these online transcription services is that they offer translation services, which expands your audience base. The captions and subtitles can reach new audiences worldwide.

Bottom Line

With the great improvement in technology and from the information provided above, it is clear that the process of creating a podcast has been made easier for you. Choose the best tools that will work out for your content and get started.

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