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Paymydoctor: All You Need To Know

Digital Payments are ruling out the era, and there is no doubt people are very happy with it because there is no need for them to stand in long queues to pay the bills anymore. The same is the scenario when a patient is looking forward to paying any medical bill. Earlier in the medical department, if a person wants to pay the bill, they want to stand in long queues, and then only the task can get completed. For resolving this issue, the PayMyDoctor portal has been launched, and at the official website, a person will be able to pay the bill easily. If you have no idea what we are talking about, not to worry because here we are presenting all the considerable details for helping you in understanding the portal in much detail.

What is PayMyDoctor

What is PayMyDoctor?

PayMyDoctor is a portal is specially developed for the resident of the country to pay their medical bills easily. This clearly means that by performing the sign-up on the portal, the user can make the bills within seconds. The portal comes up with a user-friendly and secured interface which clearly indicates that there will be no hustle-bustle throughout the payment and no chances of fraud will be there. A user just needs to perform the registration over the portal, and after that, they are good to go.

Features of PAYMYDOCTOR:

Exploring about the features of PAYMYDOCTOR making it the best portal to consider for payments are as follows:-

Secured payment method:

PayMyDoctor comes up with a secured method for completing the transaction. With online payment, users have thought that their payment is not secured, but thankfully with PayMyDoctor, this will not happen. Encryption has been taken into consideration which indicates the security and no chances of fraud.

Friendly interface:

The interface of the portal is friendly. There will be no need for a user to engage in any complicated procedure for completing the payments. They just need to mention the hospital details, and after that, they are all set to make the payments. But make sure to check out whether the same hospital is available on the same list or not. Some hospitals still do not accept online payments, and in that case, you need to visit the hospital, and then only the same can be completed.

No extra payment:

Some users have a thought when they are choosing an online method for making the payment or choosing the PayMyDoctor portal they need to pay some extra payments. But thankfully, this is not the scenario at all. A user just needs to pay the exact amount as has been mentioned on the bill. There will be no need to pay any extra amount, and the portal will not going to charge any hefty amount for completing the transaction.

What are alternative of PayMyDoctor:

There are lots of alternatives which pays hospital bills online such as peryourhealth online bill payment portal. Peryourhealth portal works similar to paymydoctor.

Direct deduction from bank account:

The deduction of the amount will be made from the Bank directly. As no middlemen are there for the transaction amount will be directly deducted from the bank account. It is a suggestion whenever you do the registration for a bank account on the portal, make sure to add the account which is completely verified, and your mobile number is also registered on the same. If the mobile number is not registered or any particular problem is there with the same bank account, then completing the transaction will seem to be difficult.

No fees to any middleman:

There will be no need for you to pay any fees to the middleman as well as no middle man is required for completing the transaction, so there will be no need for you to worry about it.

Registration procedure at PayMyDoctor:

After understanding the procedure, you might be looking forward to knowing how to perform the registration. The steps for registration are as follows:-

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. On the main page, there is a registration section available click on it.
  3. It will redirect to the next page, and the registration form will be available. Mention all the asked details, and verify them.
  4. After the verification is completed, hit on the submit button and tap on the register button.
  5. As soon as you hit the register button, the login credentials will be available right in front of you, which will help you to perform the login lately easily.

Login procedure at PayMyDoctor:

When you are done with performing the registration, the main steps you need to follow for performing the login are as follows:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. On the main page login button is available click on it.
  3. It will be directed to the next page and ask for username and password, mention all of them, and it on the login button.
  4. After hitting on the login button, you will be redirected to the portal, where you can check out the bill details and pay the bills accordingly.

These are the steps which user needs to follow whenever they want to perform the login on the portal and want to pay the bills.

PayMyDoctor is one of the most considered choices by people around because of its user-friendly interface and enormous features. If you are looking forward to paying your medical bills and not in the mood of standing in the long queues, just perform the registration on the portal immediately and be ready to pay the bills. Soon you will be able to get rid of all the hospital bills.

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