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OST to PDF Converter An Efficient Client to Document Switchover Platform

Are you aware of the utilities that are used for converting OST files into PDF format? Well, presently the scenarios which demands for converting OST emails into PDF format is quite common due to the popularity and independence of PDF files. Manual methods are available for the conversion but they are long and tedious. In order to overcome from the manual process OST to PDF converter tool is designed.

Here we are going to check the tool in details using which you can save your precious time during conversion. Let’s initiate with the brief introduction of the software.

A Brief Introduction of the Software

OST to PDF converter is a tool that is designed to save multiple OST files into PST format.  The software is highly compatible with Windows Operating System; it supports Windows Server 8 and all below versions. For the proper functioning of the tool, it is required to have 20 MB of free space on the hard drive. It works effectively even if Adobe Acrobat is not installed in the local machine. However, in order to view the resultant file, some applications should be present on the local machine of the user to view the resultant PDF files.

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Promises Of The Product To Its Users

The tool is equipped with advanced algorithm to Import Exchange OST to PDF format. Some of the potential of the tool can be listed as:

  • The software grants to convert OST files into PST format on batch.

OST To PDF Converter 1

  • A Damage/corrupt or orphan OST files can be converted by the tool into PDF format.

OST to PDF Converter 2

  • The tool permits the users to save the resultant files at desired location.

OST to PDF Converter 3

  • The software grants access to export selective OST files into PDF format.

OST to PDF Converter 4

  • The tool retains integrity of the emails while converting into PDF format.

Does The Tool Deliver On Its Promises?

OST to PDF Converter is a result oriented solution. The tool is developed by professional programmers and is provided with impressive range of functionality. The developers had worked efficiently to make possible use of the resources. The software has been tested under various scenarios in order to clearly understand its caliber. On evaluating the output of the tool, it can be concluded that the software is effective for the conversion and it keeps all the promises made by its developers. By using the tool, OST to PDF conversion is the task of few mouse clicks.

How Easy Is It To learn?

OST To Adobe PDF Converter tool is professionally created with an interactive interface. The tool is solely designed keeping in mind the ease of the users. Technical as well as non technical clients can work with the tool effortlessly. It is a simple tool with single panel interface. It does not require any sound technical knowledge to handle the tool. Despite of its simplicity, if you face any issue with the tool, you can consult with the support team where all your queries will be resolved by the Experts.

Time Taken By The Tool To Furnish Desired Results

The outcome of the tool depends on the size of the OST files that is used on it. However, the software takes little time for the conversion. The tool can convert OST file of any size into PDF format. It must be noted that the software processes only one OST file at a time. However, any number of OST files can be converted one by one by the tool.

How To Get The Tool?

The software is available in 3 different licenses; selection of appropriate version is done according to the requirement of the user. Entire detail regarding the purchase of the software is provided on the website. You can buy the software either through online or offline mode. In the online purchase of the software, you will immediately get the software downloaded as soon as the entire formalities are done. After a few minute of the payment, the software can be used on the local machine. However, in case of offline purchase of the software, you can get it through purchase order or through resellers.

What Makes The Investment Worthy?

The tool to import OST into PDF is a trustworthy solution for OST to PDF conversion. It has the caliber to recover even corrupt OST files. If you are searching for a cost efficient method then undoubtedly, OST to PDF converter is a wise choice for you. The demand is for a one time investment and the value of the tool is based on its licenses. The tool is provided with bundle offer in which OST Recovery tool is provided with it and the pricing is reduced to a significant value. On considering the qualities of the tool it is worthy to spend just 99 USD on the personal license of the tool.

Evaluation Option

For understanding the working of the tool, a free demo version is available on the official website. One can download the demo version of the software and launch on their local machine easily. The working of demo version is exactly same as the licensed version of the tool but certain limitations are applied to it. Using the demo version of the tool one cannot export OST files into PST format.

Final Finding

The best part of the tool is that Adobe Acrobat installation is not required and one can view the resultant PDF file using a suitable PDF Reader and it supports selective export of OST files. The interface of the tool is user friendly and there is less chance to get struck while working with the tool. On the other hand certain restrictions are imposed with the tool; it processes one OST file at a time, one need to disable Outlook from Exchange before initiating the process. Moreover, addition of auto detection feature with the tool can increase its efficiency. On considering the features and shortcomings of the tool, it can be ranked 9/10.

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