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Online vs Printed Graphic Design: Which Is Better?

Digital and printed design have a lot in common. But, there are also some vital distinctions between the two. So, if you’re looking for a designer, you should know exactly the differences between the two. This way, you’ll know which type of designer to hire. Juno Creative design agency in Melbourne offers both digital and printed design, so you can just hire them to make it easier.

Additionally, if you are a designer who wishes to offer both services, you should also know how to differentiate between the two. After all, how can you offer services for something you don’t understand, right?

Difference Between Online and Printed Graphic Design

The biggest difference between digital and printed graphic design is that digital designers work with interactive content. This means the design of their content can be redesigned or tweaked at any time. Moreover, interactive content is not just meant for viewing. Its primary purpose is to engage users. Printed graphic designers, on the other hand, work with static content—meaning once the project is done, it’s no longer going to change. Another glaring contrast that you cannot ignore between the two is their tactile difference. You can physically touch printed media, but you can only view digital media in front of your computer or mobile device. Digital designers have a hard time transitioning to printed design and vice versa. This is because there are many challenges they must overcome along the way. For starters, seasoned print designers are used to working with a defined set of requirements, such as the size and type of paper and the printing equipment that will be used. They are also in full control of the final colour and the text and image placements. So, the lack of consistent page size in digital media has many of them scratching their heads. On the other hand, digital designers are more flexible when it comes to making their finished product adapt to different screen sizes, as large as a digital billboard and as small as a smartphone.

Why Is Printed Graphic Design Still Important Today

In this digital age, you might think that print media is no longer relevant. But, that’s where you’re wrong. Here are just some reasons why print media is still a top choice among marketers.

Is targeted

Printed media can be easily customised to cater to your target market’s style and design preference. It also allows you to physically distribute the materials in specific areas, making it easy to focus your marketing budget on reaching the audience who will find your content relevant.

Creates credibility

Another reason why many are still using print media is because of the credibility it creates. When you invest in printed materials, it shows your customers your sincerity and dedication to providing useful content.

Encourages engagement

Business owners need people to convert so that they can make a sale. That’s why engagement between consumers and brands is critical. Printed design materials provide a host of interesting things to read, such as informational resources or special discounts and offers.

Can be kept

Digital media may be engaging and interactive, but it has a relatively short lifespan. People spend a few seconds on a site or social media page. Then, they move on. Print media, on the other hand, is tangible. This means people can easily refer back to the leaflet or brochure they have picked up earlier. They can also pass it onto colleagues, family, and friends—which helps maximise the reach of your campaign.

Can be linked to digital campaigns

Would you believe it if someone tells you that print media can be linked to digital campaigns? It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. Print media connects the bridge between paper and online content. How is that possible? The simplest way to do it is to include a reference to a website for more information or if they want to make an online order. You may also add a QR code to the printed material.

5 Printed Marketing Materials to Increase Sales

Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 1.55.25 PM

The rise of videos and other digital media has sparked a debate about whether print media is still relevant. While it’s true that digital content has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years, you shouldn’t concentrate all your efforts on it. Print media is still a powerful content medium, especially for marketing. When used correctly, it can help you reach and engage your target audience. Here are five printed marketing materials that can help increase your sales. Business Cards Brochures Catalogues Direct Mail Postcards Banners Print media has existed for thousands of years—even in the midst of the modern digital revolution. The fact that people still haven’t abandoned this marketing medium should tell you something. Up to this day, it remains effective and relevant. But, of course, digital media is also quickly gaining popularity. After all, we are now living in a technologically advanced era. But, if you’re going to ask which one is more effective, the answer would be both. Print and digital media are more effective when they are used in conjunction with each other. Remember what we said earlier? Print media can be used to link to online campaigns. So, a combination of both can help you truly achieve your goals.

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