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Online Video Marketing Strategies To Do In 2019

If you look at your timeline now, almost all posts coming from brands are video. The trend involves creating memorable online video ads, ones that incite enough emotional response that people share on their own pages. It’s out performing static posts and even commercials that actually air on television.

Online Video Marketing Strategies To Do In 2019

For your online marketing efforts, consider adding digital video marketing to your arsenal and putting more effort into this strategy since it generates an increase in brand awareness and leads if done right.

Youtube Ads

With over billion-hours of video consumptions in Youtube alone, there’s no denying that Video Marketing is a powerful strategy to apply. And with Youtube Ads being significantly less expensive than the commercial slots for TV, placing the ad online is actually a good option if you want to reach more people.

Vlogging for Business

Youtube has generated its own trend of vlogging. A majority of its users/channels are big on vlogging about any topic you can think of. From travel experiences, daily life bits, makeup reviews, game walkthroughs, and even highlights on the latest tech, you will be surfing and viewing through these that may take up your curiosity. Entrepreneurs and marketers should also take this opportunity to market their brand in an aesthetically pleasing way that makes their brand more relatable to the general audience.

Live Videos

One of Twitter’s strength is its real-time delivery of information, which is why Facebook and Instagram have come up with a way for their users to do the same. But instead of just updating via text and pics, you can do so through live videos. With FB and IG Live feeds, there’s a feeling of being more personal while speaking directly to your followers. It’s a great opportunity for brands to engage and be more active in conversing with their followers.

360-degree videos

It has long been introduced to the FB audience but it is slowly gaining its relevance when it comes to marketing. The 360-degree video concept provides a unique and interactive experience. Take it from the guys behind National Geographic’s content, and TV series like Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. They elevated the audience’s viewing experience to an immersive one. Now, that’s how you get loyal fans!

A creative way to present video ads

Social media is not the only place to share your videos. By this time you must already have a website whose function is to be a receptacle of all the information people need to know about what you. With the right web hosting, your website can play host to all of your videos. Which means an opportunity to diversify your content from ads to really well-thought out scripts for your video.

In fact, some companies have even started writing a whole series, an actual story that people can watch and where their products only take a supporting role. This is smart because it takes advantage of the streaming trend brought by sites like Netflix and Amazon Video Prime.

Go on and test all your video ideas and see which ones will fit your branding message.

John Paul
John Paul
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