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Online Casino Etiquette For Beginners


Do you know what distinguishes us from other animals? We can perceive and behave with proper etiquette. Etiquette is a set of societal rules which have evolved. It does not dictate, but instructs us how to behave and lead a respectable, unobtrusive life- both in private and public. Casinos are no exception, and beginners must learn how to behave online to ensure a fair, smooth and fun gambling experience- not only for themselves but also for other players participating in the game. Though casino etiquette is extensive and is acquired over time, here are some of the most important rules that one must adhere while playing online casino games.

Online Casino Etiquette For Beginners

1.   Put the tech away

Genuine respect to the game is all about being courteous to your fellow players and the dealer. One must learn to behave professionally and must not be distracted by smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices at hand. Devoting too much attention to our phones during the game counts as disrespect to other players and devaluing the dealer’s time and efforts. Further, distraction proves to be costly. When one is preoccupied and distracted, one loses interest and focus on the game and begins to lose. The games start to go on a downward spiral, and the player stands at a high risk of losing more than he can afford. Hence, one must devote full attention to the game, to not jeopardize their chances of winning and thereby being courteous to the dealer and other players.

2. Learn the hand signals

In dynamic games like blackjack, merely knowing verbal commands is not enough: one must also be well-versed in hand gestures. They are comparatively simple and depend on the orientation of the card- whether it is placed face up or face down. When one’s cards are face-up, one must tap on the table, which signifies ‘hit’ and one can wave their hands above the table, calling for ‘stick’. For double, one must place an original bet with the matching bet and lift one finger, and for ‘split’ the same gesture must be followed, albeit with two fingers. On the other hand, if one’s cards are face down, one must scrape the table for ‘hit’ and slide our cards below out bet for ‘stick’. These are just some of the examples of hand gestures one must follow, to make games more comfortable and more productive.

3. Respect the dealer

One must understand that the dealer is the heart and soul of the game because, only he ensures that the game is played free and fair, with no impartiality towards any spin or any person. He spends a lot of time and effort to regulate the game, making it a fun, safe and memorable experience for all. Irrespective of whether one wins or loses, one must always tip the dealer because the house, unfortunately, pays the dealer less and it is the duty of the patrons (i.e.) us to thank him for giving us a fair and exciting game.

One must be gracious, even in defeat and must not vent their frustration on the dealer by abusing him, alleging that the games are rigged and throwing the cards at him, among many crude and inhuman gestures. Further, dealers are professionals, and one must not ask for advice from them, because gambling is a game of chance; hence the dealer himself does not know or influence the outcome. The dealer must remain impartial towards all, therefore must not expect favours in any form from him.

4. Know the rules

It is one of the essential maxims that one must follow while playing any game. The player must learn the rules beforehand, clarify his doubts (if any), before commencing the game. One must judge his level according and must play games that align with his extent of expertise, before progressing to higher levels. Though there is nothing like hands-on experience, one can make use of various reliable and extensive online resources to learn the game, before embarking on one’s first match.


As mentioned before, these are only some of the rules, that must be adhered to maintain proper gambling decorum. Hence, follow these rules and make your game a fun, memorable and rewarding experience- not only for you but for the others as well!

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