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Note Counter Feature Considerations

For businesses dealing with cash, counting money can be a tedious chore that distracts you from taking care of other pertinent responsibilities that come with your business. Granted, counting piles of cash at the end of the day may seem and indeed is exciting during the formative period of your business, the repetitive nature of the process and the amount of time it takes to complete the task may turn out to be inhibiting factor with regards to properly running your business.

Counter Feature Considerations

With this in mind, investing in a note counting machine is both a great relief and smart business investment. Note counters, which are also known as cash counting machines or money counting machines, automate the process of cash counting, thus making it easy to tally the amount of money that you have made at the end of each day.

As such, you do not have to spend hours on end to make a full accounting of the money that you have received during a day’s trading. However, before purchasing your cash counter, it is of utmost importance that you consider the following.

The Counting Speed –  The principle reason for purchasing a counting machine is to hasten the process of counting your notes. As such, the speed at which a prospective cutting machine conducts this process is important. However, you should note that it is not just a matter of counting speed but what really counts is the effective speed of the machine. If the counter requires frequent stack reloading use to a smaller hopper, the effective speed of the counter is considerably slow. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind the accuracy of the machine. So while you consider matters of speed, it is important to keep in mind other factors.

The Hopper Type And Size – The types of hopper and size are important considerations, as alluded to above. For an effective and efficient counting process, the characteristics of the hopper should allow you to count the notes without having to pause frequently to load stacks. Importantly, a good hopper should allow users to feed stacks that are not neatly arranged.

Batching Or Adding Feature –  These features are important, especially for individuals who businesses looking to strap their stacks for making cash deposits. With a batching feature, the machine counts and automatically pauses at a predetermined quantity to allow the user to take out the stack and strap it before continuing to count. With the adding feature, some machines allow add multiple batches and giving you the total amount of all the batches. For those looking to streamline their money counting operations, this is a great idea.

Mixed Bill Counter And Sorting –  This feature allows the counting machine to accurately count stacks of mixed bills sort the stacks as per their denomination. The features allow users to negate the possibility of making error occasioned by denomination sneaking on different stacks as well as speeding up the process of sorting.

Counterfeit And Error Detection –  When there are instances of multiple notes feeding going through the machine at one go, torn currency, folded note, there are chances of making counting errors. On the other hand, a counter with built-in error detection reduces the chances of making errors. Additionally, having a counter with counterfeit detection features negates the possibility of receiving counterfeits. This is especially important for convenience stores and gas stations which have a higher susceptibility to fraud.

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